18 Things That Will Annoy You If You’re From The Sunshine Coast

By Daniel Colasimone
6th Apr 2016

The Sunshine Coast lifestyle is pretty damn lush. There is very little to complain about, to be honest. But we’re going to have a whinge anyway. Because first world problems.

Here are 18 things that we find annoying about living on the coast which you’ll probably be able to relate to.

1. The never-changing fact that even though the Sunny Coast is much bigger than it used to be, if you majorly shame yourself on a night out, everyone you went to school with will know all about it within 48 hours.

2. That nobody really understands where the Sunshine Coast starts and ends.

3. Choosing a car is a major life decision. People will totally categorise you by your car. If you buy that second-hand Nissan Skyline, for example, you’ll find yourself challenged to a drag race at every second set of lights.

4. Baristas are generally really friendly and down to earth so it’s no fun bitching about them and deconstructing their tattoos while you have your coffee.

5. If you’ve ever needed to write Etamoughah Ettamogha Ettamogah, it’s really bloody hard.

6. You can’t travel anywhere else in Australia without people asking if you’ve met Bindi Irwin. They think they’re being funny and original but they most assuredly are not.

7. Popping out for a cruisy breakfast and ending up irate and stressed because you have to drive around for half an hour looking for a goddam park.

8. Explaining to foreigners where you live involves going through the same tedious process every time: “I’m from the Sunshine Coast.” *blank stare* “Like, around Noosa.” —Ohhhh! Beautiful!

9. You can never truly trust any weather report that doesn’t come from Livio Regano.

10. When you feel like you should really check out that funky new eatery but end up at the surf club because you know you’ll get a great feed every time.

11. That bittersweet feeling when you hear the waves are pumping; knowing your favourite spot is going to be insanely packed.

12. A sprawled out metropolis is cool a lot of the time, but when you have to public transport it from one part of the Coast to another, you kind of feel like someone back in the day departing on a trans-Atlantic ocean liner trip; “Bon voyage! See you in a few months… I hope!”

13. That confused look your dog gives you when you take it on holiday and have to explain that it can’t run wild on the beach like it does back home.

14. The way your parents like all the same cafes and restaurants as you is somehow disturbing.

15. Having to allow an extra hour and a half to get to Brisbane in case there’s been a minor prang on the highway which will inevitably cause traffic chaos for 40km.

16. When you purposely work up a massive hunger before going to the farmers market, but still end up full before you’ve eaten half the things you wanted to.

17. When you travel to some massively hyped beach overseas and discover it’s pretty fricken lame compared to the beach five minutes away from your house.

18. Recommending amazing stuff to do locally to tourists then realising you haven’t done most of it since you were a kid. Or ever.

Image Credit: Claire Plush for Metropolist

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