21 Signs You Grew Up With An Older Sister

By Martha Brooke
26th Nov 2016

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no getting away from them—you’re stuck for life.

While older sisters are like a built-in best friend, guiding you on the path to righteousness by teaching you what’s right and what’s wrong, they’re hardly shining examples of goddessliness.

Read on and prepare to have one too many “OMG that’s so true” moments. It’s sister’s before mister’s so they say…

1. You succumbed to the “disappearing clothes trick”. Those butterfly adorned cargo pants, you had saved all your pocket money for, didn’t magically come to life and fly away. They were now part of your sister’s new “runway show”.

2. You fought about everything. From eating the last Tim Tam to the constant battle of ‘clothes borrowing’, sisters could turn from sweet-natured angels to wrestle mania contestants in a matter of minutes. Don’t even mention the remote control.

3. You were forced to endure blackmailed-enforced makeover sessions. Say hello to rainbow hair gel, sickly sweet, sticky lip smackers and a shit tonne of glitter!

4. You always had to be player two.

5. They always got first pick. Whether it be on the choice of dessert or where to go to for a day trip, they always got first choice. Don’t get your hopes up, kiddo.

6. Having to pay to borrow her ID. Or complete her monthly chores, or fulfil a monstrous task, or give up your Sony Walkman for a week. If you wanted to go out and swig on those RTD’s, you’d have to sacrifice something.

7. Constantly being mistaken for her. Even if you didn’t look alike, dress the same or sound the same, nine of out ten times, you’d be called by her name. Sometimes it was easier to nod, smile and pretend your parent’s had decided to give you the same name.

8. You were never safe. From surprise attacks to recruiting you for a dance show to be performed in front of the whole family, you always had to be on your guard.

9. Always being told that you were adopted.

10. Frantically tearing off your sister’s Spice Girl t-shirt after having a sneaky try-on sesh and hearing her come through the door…all to prevent a punch in the leg.

11. Always having to sit in the back. If you were ever going anywhere, you knew your place, as you would sit and stare at the back of their head and curse the day that they were born.

12. Having to listen to the classic line “I’m older, therefore I know more”. This was and still is absolute bull***t.

13. Constantly being thrown under the blame bus. Even if you weren’t there or had nothing to do with it, they would find a way to send you down for the crime.

14. Having to live in their shadow. “When are you going to graduate like your sister?” Well, dear old Auntie Susan, I haven’t yet left school yet, so hold your damn horses!

15. Jokes would always be made about how “hot” your sister was. Even your high school crush was more interested in her. Sigh.

16. Being tormented rather than being babysat. If your parents ever left you two alone, you knew that it wouldn’t call for sister bonding, it meant war.

17. Constantly being embarrassed and ridiculed. That bed wetting phase that you thought would never be spoken of, think again. Goodbye friends, goodbye any potential boyfriend, it was nice knowing you.

18. Having to share a bed in hotels. If your parents ever had the misfortune of forgetting to ask for two single beds, then not only would they hear about it, but you would also face the kicking and duvet pulling that goes with it.

19. Your wardrobe was full of old, worn cardigans and pinafores, while hers was full of new glittery jelly shoes and Spice Girl merchandise. Welcome to the world of hand-me-downs.

20. Having a third, unasked for parent. “Why are you wearing that?” is something my dad should ask, not my 16-year-old sister!

21. But, no matter how annoying and satanic they can be, we put them on a pedestal and love them all the same.

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Image Credit: 10 Things I Hate About You and Sisters

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