21 Things You’ll Totally Understand If You’re The Middle Child

By Olivia Atkinson
16th Sep 2017


Oh, middle child. Being sandwiched between the perfect, cherished first-borns and can’t-do-no-wrong younger siblings often feels like you’ve been handed the shit end of the stick in life. While we know that middle children are the coolest cats out, if you’ve grown up as one, you might be left thinking that it’s the absolute worst.

There are some things in this world that only middle kids can relate to. Like literally being forgotten or having to give your little sister your favourite toy because she suddenly can’t live without it. It mightn’t have been an easy ride (and not just because you were in the middle seat) but be comforted by the fact that you are not alone. Millions of middle children roam this earth and chances are, they’ve have to put up with the same BS as you.

Here are 21 things you’ll totally understand if you’re the middle child. Chin up, kiddo.

  1. The most pivotal day of your life was the day your youngest sibling was born. You reluctantly said adios to being the baby of the fam and y’know what? IT WASN’T OKAY.
  2. You didn’t experience having your very own room until you actually moved out of home.
  3. Middle child = middle seat in the car. Boo.
  4. People assume that you know everything (EVERYTHING!) about your siblings’ lives and ask more about them than you. “Is your younger brother enjoying water polo? Oh, and does your older sister still date that accountant dude?” It’s cool, no need to ask about my extra curriculars and dating life.
  5. Once you leave home, your parents use you to get in touch with your siblings because they’ve realised that they’re useless and you’re the star child/message bearer they never knew they had...even though you were there the whole time.
  6. And whenever the oldest and the youngest have beef, you have to play mediator. So basically, without you, this family would fall into chaos.
  7. Oh, and you’re always forced to take sides during sibling wars.
  8. Both siblings would come to you with secrets and ‘pinky promise’ you not to tell the other and/or your parents. And they still do.
  9. Your mum calls you by your brother, sister, dog, goldfish, late bunny rabbit (RIP) before she actually remembers your name.
  10. And you’ve been called “whatever your name is” more times than you’d like.
  11. The last piece of cakes is definitely, absolutely not yours. Neither is that slice of pizza.
  12. Hand-me-downs. ‘Nuff said.
  13. You somehow landed with ALL the chores because the older one was ‘busy’ and the younger one was ‘too young’.
  14. You have the responsibilities of an older sibling and the restrictions of a younger sibling.
  15. Growing up, you were always reminded to ‘share’. Bollocks if you ask me.
  16. Your family photos with your siblings consisted of them looking joyful and you looking like you were about to stab someone.
  17. Somehow, you always ended up with the most ridiculous hair style #bowlcut.
  18. Going home for Christmas, you’re the first one to be booted from their bed and onto the couch to make room for ‘more important’ family members.
  19. You’ve yelled “Hello! What about me?!” more times than you can remember.
  20. You’re actually cooler than your siblings. Really! You’ve plucked some maturity from the older one, some ‘cool kid’ from the younger and muddled it up with the unique middle child aspects of your personality. It’s a top-notch blend.
  21. The oldest is expected to pop out babies, the youngest is expected to make bucketloads of moolah so they can look after your parents. And you? You’re basically given free reign to do whatever you want as long as you keep out of prison.

Image credit: Malcolm In The Middle

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