23 Questions You’ll Ask When You Move To Noosa

By Francesca Marren
18th Sep 2016

Moving to the glorious Noosa, my head was full of questions. Below are 23 of them. Some have been answered, most haven’t.

1. Why does everyone here own a staffy?

2. Which poor soul is Village Bicycle named after?

3. Is Noosa sponsored by Lorna Jane? Srsly, major lycra envy.

4. Hastings Street—why is this such a faux pas for locals?

5. Kale. Goji berries. Acai. Please. Stop. There is only one type of shrivelled fruit that I am interested in. The kind that make wine.

6. Sunshine-roundabout-coast-roundabout-motorway-roundabout. Were the council having a laugh?

7. Who is Betty and why are her burgers an institution? (Note: I have since had the pleasure, and holy brioche, praise BB.)

8. Where are all the petrol stations? I have seriously driven around running on fumes trying to find somewhere to give my thirsty girl a drank.

9. Everyone is talking about the whales here. I sat for two hours in the national park waiting for a sighting. Nada! I did however see a large man fall off a SUP… that’s good enough, right?

10. *To hairdresser* Huh, a waiting list for the hairdressers? What do you mean you can’t do a full head of foils this afternoon?

11. Was that Pat Rafter in front of me at Coles?

12. Stand up paddle boards everywhere. Are you all not active enough!?

13. *Googling* “Where can I take my dog on the Sunshine Coast” *Answer* 9 best Dog-friendly cafes on the Sunshine Coast.

14. *Aromas in Noosa* What is everyone looking at?

15. What weekend is there NOT a triathlon on?

16. Are Sunrise Beach and Sunshine Beach the same place? Oh, wait, there’s about a 1-million-dollar difference in house prices.

17. How do outsiders crack the local scene, and make friends? (Note: not willing to play netball or partake in any athletic event… ever.)

18. Does anywhere bulk bill? $70 for a sickie seems excessive.

19. Not everyone who lives here is retired, right?

20. Why won’t anyone go to Eumundi Markets with me?

21. Are there any fresh grocers? Or are you hiding them like the petrol stations and whales?

22. Where is Myer? *shocked face upon discovering it’s 30 mins away*

23. Why did that guy just give me a backwards peace sign when he passed me on the motorway? Ah well, peace to you too… man.

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Image Credit: My Ocean Bliss

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