24 Reasons Why The Hinterland Is Better Than The Coast

By Trixie Hillen
12th Jul 2016

When we think of the Sunshine Coast, we think of… well, the coast.

Hot sand and thongs and fancy cocktails and tourists. So. Many. Tourists. But the Sunshine Coast is a WHOLE lot more than just that few scrubby, sandy miles between the Wharf Tavern and the uni.

Keep heading west, past or alongside of the Bruce Highway, and you’ll start to climb into the Hinterland—a whole world away from the salty sea air of the Coast. So why do some of us choose country towns like Palmwoods or Cooroy or Montville or Pomona instead of Noosa or Kings Beach? Well, basically, because it’s better.

And here are 24 reasons why…

1. Everyone’s favourite blues/folk/country duo, Hat Fitz and Cara are practically our next door neighbours.

2. In the Hinterland, we have neighbours with awesome, old-school names like Barry, Allan, and Joy.

3. Every time we get a headache we can pretend we have altitude sickness and make our partner be a Sherpa and carry the shopping.

4. We have gorgeous original old Queenslanders that HAVEN’T been bulldozed to make way for soulless housing estates or holiday apartments.

5. We can get uber-fresh fruit and veg from crop swap at That Place in Pomona.

6. The straight-talking rural locals keep the hipsters under control. If you oil your beard or brag about your vinyl record collection, we can guarantee Clive at the pub will laugh you all the way back to Mooloolaba.

7. We might not be near the ocean, but at least that means we don’t have sea lice. (And the turtles nipping at your toes at Gardners Falls are totes cute.)

8. If you want to “get away from it all” and go glamping in a peaceful field, you’re already halfway there.

9. Three words for you. Colin. James. Gelato

10. The Coast might get the sunrises, but who’s up in time to see that? Here in the Hinterland, we get the most spectacular sunsets you’ll see anywhere in the world. AND you get to enjoy it with a cold beer.

11. We can pretend to be Maria von Trapp, go to the highest spot in the mountains, throw our head back, and let the world appreciate our unique vocal skills.

12. Who needs beaches when you’ve got your pick of the best waterfalls on the Sunshine Coast?

13. Cows. Lots of cows. Who doesn’t love cows?

14. We can pretend to be a rally car driver in our Camry as we go up and down Razorback Road.

15. We can get boozy on the cheap with wine tasting at Maleny Mountain Wines.

16. If you’re in urgent need of a cuckoo clock (and aren’t we all, sometimes?) you can’t go past this place.

17. It’s just cool enough that we don’t scorch in summer.

18. We get autumn leaves that actually change colour and fall.

19. It’s even chilly enough for a fire in the winter! AND we are justified in wearing Uggs. For warmth. Not for some misguided fashion statement.

20. Property is soooo much cheaper than on the Coast! Who wants to live in a crowded apartment block with bong-smoking students on one side and a family with crying babies on the other, when you could afford a house with a backyard (or acreage!) big and private enough to do a nudie run if the mood takes you!

21. Most of the shops are locally owned and run—big corporate-owned chain stores are nearly impossible to find.

22. Visiting Poet’s Café is an excuse to drink wine in the mornings.

23. If you’re working on getting your man to pop the question, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump up to Montville to walk down the main street on a Saturday arvo and nudge your boy as you pass the brides in their fluffy dresses. *hint hint*

24. If you want to wear your fedora, but you can’t face being judged by your mates, just head up to the Hinterland and go incognito.

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