25 Things We'd Love To See Happen On The Coast In 2016

By Trixie Hillen
7th Mar 2016

Life on the Coast is pretty freakin’ sweet. Awesome weather, amazing restaurants, stunning beaches, and of course *ahem* all the gorgeous people.

But every now and then, when you slip into dream mode, you come up with a few ideas that could take our perfect life up a notch. Here are 25 of the things that we’d love to see on the Sunshine Coast in 2016…

1. An express “locals only” queue at Betty’s Burgers.

2. Show Day holidays are cool, I guess, but then it gets all confusing when you live and work in different areas… How about a Coast-wide public holiday dedicated to… I dunno… Steve Irwin?

3. More homewares stores—you can just never find one when you need one. #LOLJK those things are everywhere!

4. For mega-shakes to replace regular shakes everywhere on the Coast.

5. In fact, while we’re at it, how about we replace all juice and smoothies with mega-shakes too?

6. OK, and regular milk.

7. For the airport to introduce direct flights to Cairns, or Hamilton Island or even, dare we say it, Darwin, from the Sunshine Coast—it can’t ever be hot enough for us!

8. While we’re at it, put on some direct flights from the Coast to Fiji. We’d be over there every weekend! Bula, baby!

9. A train, a train, our kingdom for a train (that runs more than twice a day).

10. LESS choice of amazing coffee. Seriously guys, you make it too hard to decide where to go…

11. For the waterpark at Glenview to ACTUALLY be built before I retire and I’m too old to go on the slides (please, please, please, please, pleeeeeease…).

12. More than one venue for our LGBTI buddies to hook up with likeminded hotties.

13. For every pet shop to follow the awesome lead of Petbarn and host rescue kittens instead of selling them.

14. For everybody to take the hint and slow down around the giant Caloundra West roundabout. C’mon guys, safety is cool. Okay, what about necessary?

15. For IKEA to have a brainwave and decide to move their new North Lakes store to Kawana. Or Maroochydore.

16. More dedicated cycleways (therefore, fewer cyclists on the road. Amirite?).

17. For everyone who lives outside Noosa to reduce the chip on their shoulder about people who live in Noosa to a slightly more manageable size.

18. Two words for you. Gelato Messina. Mmmmm…

19. Giant cable car from Montville to Mooloolaba. Wheeeeee!

20. For every bar on the Coast to serve pina coladas. Little umbrellas mandatory. (Now I know this one is DEFINITELY just me…)

21. Cheaper taxis so people living anywhere other than a 5km radius of Ocean Street can afford to get plonked. I mean, $105 from Sol Bar to Maleny—Whhhhaaat?

22. We seriously LOVE Stormie D’s, but we’d kill for a Chester Street Bakery franchise less than an hour away.

23. A Sephora shop selling the full range at US prices.

24. Or one of those lush Mecca Cosmetica stores *swoon* with immaculate sales staff directing you to the most obscenely expensive range.

25. For op-shop prices to go back down to actual op shop prices. I mean, if we wanted to pay $25 for a vintage Adidas midriff, we would’ve gone to General Pants.

Image Credit: Daniel Hine for Metropolist

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