30 Of The Best Fried Dishes The Sunshine Coast Has Ever Seen

By Chevaune Hindley
20th Jun 2016

Most days, it’s really important to make healthy food choices, eat moderately, and watch the waistline. And today—is NOT one of those days.

Why? Because as far as we’re concerned, everything in moderation… And moderation dictates, that occasionally, we just need to pig out on some of that fried, full-fat, “makes-me-so-happy” kinda food. And boy oh boy, when (not if) you decide to loosen your belt, there some gooood options out there.

We have rounded up 30 of Sunshine Coast’s tastiest fried dishes. And we’re giving you full permission to go out and indulge in these babies, totally guilt free. You’re welcome!

1. The Shak is probably a good place to start. Order the sourdough French toast with rosewater poached pear, strawberry coulis, coconut ice cream, muffin crumble, and coconut nectar. Ooh la la!

2. If you’re still keen on some greens, then La Canteena’s pan-fried okra with spices, peanuts, and herbs is your go-to. Healthy, but not too healthy.

3. Banana fritter sundae at Four Fat Fish sounds more like the skinny option to me…

4. Can’t decide between Indian and Mexican? Why not both! Indiyum offer a mean chimichanga with your choice of filling, served with biryani rice, guacamole, and sour cream.

5. You know that Corbin’s Cuttlefish Popcorn with miso and lime is going to be nothing less than SPECTACULAR.

6. Get this: Deep-fried oreos—with vanilla ice cream! Good Bar are fulfilling our deepest dessert fantasies.

7. Cajun fried chicken ribs at Gaston’s. We didn’t know you could eat chicken ribs either… but seriously, you gotta try them.

8. Locale serves up some amazing frittelles (fried and salted pizza dough), which will be perfectly washed down with an ice cold bevvy.

9. JFC Korean fried wings with sweet and spicy sauce at Junk. Oh yeah—gotta get that junk in yo’ trunk.

10. Ba Vigo’s menu is boasting some crispy-fried queso manchego, salsa pimento, and grilled flat bread. Fried cheese—need we say more?

11. Flux Lounge are pulling a fancy one on us with confit duck and vermicelli spring rolls, served with ginger tamarind dipping sauce. Mmmm…

12. Churroffagatos at Greenout Café equals golden house-made churros, served with spiced vanilla bean gelato, thick Mexican chocolate fudge sauce, and a shot of original Baileys! Oh my beating heart.

13. The battered Moreton Bay bug tails cooked in chilli, garlic, and white wine at IS Tapas are seriously rocking our boat.

14. Betty has a way of convincing us to eat everything she offers up, including the crispy fried beer battered onion rings. Righto!

15. Piano Bar’s parmesan and sumac-crumbed croquettes with chorizo and lime skordalia, on harissa aioli. It really speaks for itself.

16. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried the M&M and nutella injectable donut from Sunshine Sunshine Espresso.

17. A beautiful deep-fried, vegetarian option would be the eggplant pakora with chickpea batter at Curry Bowl.

18. If you’re looking for a friendly gluten-free option, Journey To Bollywood will not let you down with their mashed potato samosa made with chickpea flour.

19. Keep calm and have a taco. A Baja taco from Village Bicycle, loaded with fried fish, slaw, pickled onion, and chipolte mayo.

20. Mooshka serve up a killer tempura king prawn with chilli-lime dipping sauce. And seriously, who doesn’t love anything tempura?

21. Deep-fried Mars bar at Fryer of Whitby. Drooooool…

22. Five & Dime serve up something different with their basket of signature, deep-fried spicy pickles, with ranch dressing and horseradish aioli OR spicy jalapeño mayo.

23. The cheese-stuffed jalapeño poppers with smokey paprika salt at The Pocket Espresso Bar, are bound to exceed all jalapeño popper expectations.

24. If you’re after something more filling, Your Place’s tempura barramundi with house salad, chips, aioli, and lemon is your man. Or fish?

25. Does ice cream rolled in coconut and then deep-fried, appeal to you at all? Yes? Meet you at Blue Orchid Thai pronto. No? Meet you at the ED to get your taste buds checked.

26. Dirty Moes are of course crumbing a sausage stuffed with smoked cheese. Would we expect anything less?

27. Little Boat never fails to impress us with their food genius, offering up a plate of popcorn chicken on a cornmeal waffle, served with Russian sauce, and a sticky maple caramel.

28. Blueberry buckwheat crepes at Cafe Invigor8 are gonna give you both joy and antioxidants—all in one hit.

29. Riba Kai Cafe are on point with their more-ish salt and pepper calamari.

30. Mushroom arancini balls with balsamic glaze and tomato relish from Solbar, are the perfect conclusion to a perfect line-up of Sunshine Coast’s best fried dishes.

Want more of the tastiest feeds on the Coast? Check out our list of the best burger joints on the Sunshine Coast, as voted by YOU. 

Image Credit: Daniel Hine for Metropolist

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