31 Reasons You’ll Never Be Able To Leave The Sunshine Coast

By Trixie Hillen
27th Sep 2016

Whether you grew up here or you’re a more recent blow-in from the *ahem* southern states, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone living on the Sunshine Coast who wants to move away.

And, even if we are forced to leave God’s country for a couple of years to travel, or for uni, or work, almost all of us end up back here to settle down for good.

So what is it that makes the Coast such a magnet for us locals? And which bits of Coast life have legit ruined ANY other city in the world for us?

1. Turn west and face the horizon, point randomly and you’ll find a beautiful mountain to climb. If you’re into that kinda thing.

2. Sunshine Coast weather has been empirically proven to be the internationally recognised perfect combo of mild, short winters, glorious summers, and the odd storm to keep things interesting #sciencebitchez

3. You can always get amaaaazing coffee, even in the super touristy spots.

4. You can always get amaaaazing coffee without having to go anywhere near the super touristy spots.

5. Fact: You’ll never have beach hair this good anywhere else.

6. Even though it feels like we’re miles out of the crowded cities, most of the Coast falls into the “next day” delivery area for Mecca—so we can get our little parcels of gift-wrapped gorgeous in no time at all.

7. But who cares about that now, because OMG, there’s a Mecca store opening AT THE PLAZA!!! This is NOT a drill, people!

8. You’ll NEVER find beaches as gorgeous as ours. #BringItGoldy

9. If you get lost, just keep going around roundabouts and you’ll eventually find a beach or a pub. Either way, you’re set.

10. Because we’ve got ALL the views.

11. You can find a market of some kind—with bargain fruit and veg, plants, craft, clothes, and pressies– just about any day or night of the week.

12. With the Coast’s beautiful weather, we practically get all our required exercise just by living our outdoorsy, active lifestyle every day. Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

13. We’ve taken locally-sourced produce to the next level—you can even get a serious range of locally-brewed bevvies from our own backyard!

14. You can almost navigate the whole of Noosa Shire without having to deal with a single traffic light…

15. …which ALSO means no red light cameras!

16. How could you move away from the most beautiful Queenslanders in the world? (I’m talking about the architecture, not the people.)

17. But while we’re at it, moving away would mean you’d miss checking out all the hotties on the beach in summer. I mean, we truly are a sexy bunch.

18. You can barely turn around without falling over a van renting out SUPs.

19. Betty’s or Harry’s. We just can’t decide if it’s the burgers or the shakes that keep us here…

20. You can get a table at pretty much any restaurant on the Coast without having to book.

21. The best people-watching anywhere.

22. Stepping on a two-metre python or brown snake (!!) as you walk through the dunes to go for a surf is a genuine possibility—gotta love that adrenalin rush!

23. The water is warm enough to swim almost year-round.

24. Even now you’re a proper grown-up, you can still go to all the naff bars and clubs you picked up in when you were at high school. And now you can actually afford the cocktails!

25. Every corner of the Coast has something surprisingly good to offer—Bison Bar in Nambour, Zabe Espresso in Tewantin, The Nines in Maroochydore. You basically can’t eat bad food or drink crappy coffee unless you put in some serious effort.

26. You can pretty much always find free parking. EVEN at the beach. EVEN in summer. Seriously guys, we don’t know how lucky we are.

27. You can always find somewhere amazing to eat out at either end of the spectrum—from super-cheap, but seriously cheerful eats to the finest, award-winning special occasion blow-outs.

28. Nowhere else are thongs acceptable footwear year-round.

29. No matter where you live, there’s a waterway of one kind or another—whether it’s the waterfalls, the lakes, the rivers, or the ocean, we love a bit of a dip!

30. Chillaxing with churros or dumplings at the Originals on a Sunday arvo.

31. Hell, who even needs to leave the Coast EVER? There’s enough amazing spots to explore that you can always find somewhere new for a staycation. The only question is: beach pad or country cabin?

Image Credit: Daniel Hine for Metropolist

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