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35 Thoughts We Had About Last Night’s Episode Of Married At First Sight

By Ben Tyers
20th Mar 2018

35 Thoughts We Had About Tonight's Episode Of Married At First Sight

Well, we are officially knee deep in drama territory. Already we've had Tracey dump D*ckhead Dean at the altar, and things were looking a little shaky for John's success rate overall. But he's pulled through, and thankfully we now know that true love is actually real.

Here are 35 thoughts we had about last night's episode of Married At First Sight.

  1. Ashley has ditched the #TeamTrAshley hat quicker than she’ll ditch Troy later on tonight
  2. Really looking forward to Troy’s future of appearing in various Rivers catalogues
  3. The vibe at Sarah & Telv’s place is similar to that of after Troy has told a joke
  4. Good to see Troy dries his hair in the same way he brushes his teeth
  5. The producers have done a great job of making John’s life look truly depressing by having him chow down the classic combination of fried rice and pizza
  6. Love that John & Melissa’s only issue is that each are reluctant to move to the other side of Port Phillip Bay. #ExtremelyMelbourneProblems
  7. Sarah has done absolute wonders for Brunetti’s future business opps with that product placement
  8. Shame on Telv for not completely abandoning his current life—including his kids—at the drop of a hat
  9. Troy’s believable back and forth with his 'parents' is Emmy worthy
  10. If Troy is the “complete package for most girls” then I have a lot of things to change about myself
  11. I’m fairly sure Troy’s actor dad was in Ben Hur
  12. “I think he’s pretty cool” is code for ‘he makes my skin melt off my body’
  13. Everyone’s #TeamTroy except for the thousands watching at home
  14. I am absolutely shocked that Sarah’s brothers don’t have red hair. Everything is a lie
  15. The man with sleeves and a neck tattoo speaks the most sense on the show
  16. Does John get paid depending on how many couples stay together? Channel 9 should look into that
  17. “but unfortunately, as much as I want love, I cannot leave the sweet, sweet smell of the Altona refinery”
  18. Cue dramatic music. Trouble a-brewing Johnny boy
  19. “Real obstacles” include the Mornington Peninsula Freeway
  20. These guys talk as if one of them lives in Reykjavik
  21. I’ve driven further to get a small Cheeseburger meal
  22. “I can’t move to Altona”, neither tbh
  23. Ahhhh, old love
  24. Interesting choice to renew your vows on the set of classic 1991 film—Hook
  25. Troy about to absolutely drop a bomb
  26. The rights free music that is used on the Bachie recap vids over Ashley’s vows only make me keen for Bachie In Paradise
  27. Strike 2 John, explain yourself
  28. Oh god if Sarah & Telv bin the relationship I might not be able to go to work tomorrow
  29. Telv the only bloke to actually wear a tie to the vow renewals. What a man
  30. No, I am actually not crying
  31. Telv, don’t do it mate
  32. Phew, had us going
  33. Bring us home Sarah, do us proud
  34. Love is not a lie after all. I’m sorry I ever doubted you John
  35. The reunion show is going to make a Real Housewives reunion look like an episode of Play School

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