38 Things Every Sunny Coaster Has Said On A Night Out

By Sophie Wright
5th Jul 2016

If you can map out your every move during your nights out, you’re doing it wrong.

Just kidding… Metropolist promotes responsible drinking. BUT… we all know that many of the best nights we’ve had are the nights we don’t remember.

The Sunshine Coast nightlife has changed a bucket load over the last few years, and everyone remembers it differently. No matter which local watering hole has claimed your money (and probably some of your dignity), one thing we can all agree on is that Sunny Coasters know how to party.

To help you piece together those patchy memories, here are some phrases likely to have slipped out of your mouth during a night out on the Sunshine Coast.

1. Let’s get there before 11pm. I don’t want to pay cover.

2. *At 10.50pm* OMG guys, we have to go!

3. I don’t look too drunk, do I? I hope I don’t look too drunk.

4. It definitely looks like you. Just tell them you’ve dyed your hair.

5. *Before entering the club* I don’t want to break the seal.

6. *Immediately after entering the club* I have to pee.

7. Hurrryyyy uuupppp! *bangs on toilet doors*

8. Noosa is soo far away, plus Ocean Street is so much cooler now.

9. Ocean Street is soo far away, Noosa is so much better anyways.

10. *When you try other places* Screw it, let’s just go to Fridays.

11. OMG why are there so many 16 year olds here?

12. OMG why are there so many old people here?

13. *To friends* I am wayyy not drunk enough yet. *To bartender* A double shot vodka lime and soda please.

14. Ugh, this is so gross. I’ll just have to skull it.

15. I can’t believe basics are $9.

16. I can’t believe beers are $9.

17. We need more like, smaller, cool underground bars, like Brisbane.

18. We need more like, bigger clubs, with sick d-floors, like Brisbane.

19. It’s my friend’s birthday, can she have a free drink?

20. You get this round and I’ll get the next. *smoke bomb*

21. Guys quick, get in my Snapchat!

22. Did you add it to My Story? I want my ex to see it.

23. OMG let’s dance bitches!

24. *At Fridays* You got a twenty dollar bill put your hands up!

25. I wanna get up on the podium!!!

26. Excuse me!!! Can we have a photo?

27. Can we see them?

28. Sorry, can we just have one more?

29. Oh my God, I went to school with that guy/girl.

30. *To said school-acquaintance* Heyyyy! I haven’t seen you since… graduation!

31. I wonder if the DJ takes requests?

32. Ummm, so the DJ won’t play Single Ladies. So rude.

33. I love you guys sooooooo much.

34. A kebab and a bottle of water, please. Oh wait, I don’t have enough… just the kebab, please.

35. *To taxi driver* Can you take us through the McDonald’s drive-thru? We’ll buy you food…

36. That taxi was so expensive. We should’ve got an Uber.

37. *After getting home at 3am* OMG guys, this was so much fun. We are totally doing this again next weekend!

38. *After waking up at 8am* Is this what death feels like?

Image Credit: Old Soul

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