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A Community Coffee Cup Wall Is Happening On The Coast To Save The Environment One Sip At A Time

By Caity Stone
5th Sep 2018


It’s no secret us Sunshine Coasters are a little coffee-crazy. (Okay, maybe we’re more like addicts). But with some of the world’s best coffee and most skilled baristas, why the heck wouldn’t we be? 

We absolutely love the stuff and many will admit they cannot function as humans without starting the day with a cuppa to-go from their fave local cafe, BUT, all this coffee consumption is coming at a cost. 

Unfortunately, for our beloved mother earth, our passion for coffee brings some downsides. It’s estimated that Aussies use over a billion takeaway cups each year….and a huge majority of these end up in landfill, as they can’t be recycled. Holy moly! So, while things aren’t gonna’ change overnight, we can all do our part to make the world a better place. 

One cafe on the Coast has stepped up in the best kind of way and have introduced a community coffee wall. That’s right guys, if you visit Huss Grill Cafe in Caloundra and forget to bring your keep cup don’t sweat it, they have around 70 pre-loved (and clean) coffee cups at the ready. All you have to do is pick which one you’d like to use. Cute, right? 

Now if you want to take your coffee away that’s AG too. Just return the mug when you can. 

So, not only are you helping out mother earth, but you’re also saving yourself cold hard cash, with the regular coffee only costing $3 when you use a keep cup or mug. We’re sold!

The Details 

What: Community Coffee Wall 
Where: Huss Grill Cafe, 47 Bowman Rd, Caloundra 
For more details, check here

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Image credit: Pottery For The Planet

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