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This Adorbs Buderim Couple Are On My Kitchen Rules In 2018!

By Caity Stone
18th Jan 2018


That’s right! One of our fave shows is coming back and it’s bringing the heat with these two laid-back Sunshine Coast at-home cooks.

We don’t know what to be more excited about—the masterful return of Manu’s thick French accent or the fact our beloved beachside home is being repped by this bubbly pair. We’re not exactly sure what it is, but they just feel like a pair of winners to us. #chickendinners 

Ash and Matty have been dating for 18 months, but can you guess where they met? At the beach, of course! Word on the street is Matty was actually taking a seaside shower when Ash first spotted him. And we all know what this means on the Sunshine Coast, it MUST be true lurve.

Matty, an exercise physiologist who specialises in rehab, says surfing is his happy place. He does admit however to not being the best cook. Ash, a registered nurse and the team’s secret weapon, says she lurves to cook and has been at it since she was six.

And what’s their winning food philosophy, you might ask? It’s simple: Slow and steady wins the race. Less is more according to the loved-up pair. 

Their signature dish is CAKE and we can’t wait to see what this duo is planning on creating in the kitchen. We have one question—will it be Paleo for Pete?


When: My Kitchen Rules, Channel 7  
Where: Series commences Monday 29 January

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Image credit: Channel 7 

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