Airbnb For Architecture Nerds Now Exists!

By Claire Plush
10th Aug 2017


Architecture nerds, this one is for you! 

We’ve just caught wind of a new style of Airbnb and its sole focus, other than you having a good night’s sleep, is to give you access to stunning, architecturally-designed homes across the world. So basically, it’s sayonara to renting a beat up caravan in someone’s Venice Beach backyard, and hello to amazing places you can truly appreciate. 

We’re the first to admit PlansMatter sounds like some kind of financial services office, but take one scroll through their website and you’ll see that the only ‘plans’ they care about are those of the houses. 

Created by two architects, instead of trawling through thousands of average properties, the featured homes and apartments on PlansMatter have been hand-picked, so the likelihood of coming across your dream holiday rental is pretty much a given. Searching is made easy, with the option to flick through thumbnails of the properties or, and this is our fave part, you can search the site by architect. 

We’re going to geek out with you right now and namedrop a bit. Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most renowned architects of all time, has seven houses listed on the site including the Kinney House! You’ll also find Paul Weidlinger’s Weidlinger House and, closer to home, Frank Dixon’s iconic Pole House along the Great Ocean Road. 

From the USA and Portugal to Japan and Sri Lanka, all the rentals are TDF and might cost you a pretty penny, but we promise it’ll be worth every last cent. Plus, just think of the memories (*cough* Instagram pics) you’re going to leave with—priceless!

Love the idea of PlansMatter but looking for a holiday home on the Sunshine Coast instead? Check these babies out!

Image credit: PlansMatter

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