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By Chevaune Hindley
11th Jul 2016

We all love coffee. It gives us a reason to get out of bed in the morning. It helps us think, move, function, and generally just be nicer people.

But occasionally we need to step away from the caffeine. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing, right? Sometimes we need to spice it up a little and CHAI something different (sorry—I really couldn’t resist).

Drinking a freshly brewed chai won’t only cut-down your caffeine intake, but it’ll also give you a dose of antioxidants, help to calm, improve circulation, boost your metabolism, and elevate your mood. Plus a brewed chai is best sweetened with a small dose of honey—further health benefits there! (Unlike its more sugary counterpart the chai latte—which is a story for another day).

Who knew there were so many benefits of something so tasty and comforting? We did. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best brewed chai teas on the Sunshine Coast—just for you. Sip it, sip it real good!


If we’re looking for the best chai tea on the Sunshine Coast, where else do we go but our favourite little tea house, The Silva Spoon. They boast a HUGE selection of traditional chai teas, including Masala Chai, spicy Bengali Chai, sweet Punjabi Chai, caffeine-free Rooibos Chai, Herbal Chai, and the Red Fury (basically a Rooibos Chai with added cacao and chicory). Wow. And as if that weren’t enough, they’ve just introduced another two new blends… the Coconut Cream Chai (we highly recommend this brewed on coconut milk) or the Creme Brule Spice Chai (best brewed on almond or macadamia milk). Oh my! So many great options—how will you choose?
Where: 1/27 Cotton Tree Parade, Maroochydore


Don’t let the name fool you—Skal Coffee, the little beauties, know a good coffee, yes. But they also know a GREAT chai. Their Masala blend (from the all natural Prana Chai range, freshly shipped from Melbourne) is brewed in a teapot—as good tea should be!—and then filled and infused with your choice of milk. Drink it straight or jazz it up with some honey, either way we expect to hear a resounding chorus of Mmmmm….
Where: Kingfisher Drive, Peregian Beach


Elements at Montville are our go-to tea specialists in the green grassy Sunshine Coast Hinterland. They are passionate about their chai and offer four varieties, all worth trying. To reach a caffeine-free nirvana, sip on an Elements Yoga Chai (a house favourite!) or T2 Spi Chai blends. Or for a more traditional chai-drinking experience go for the T2 Chai, made on steamed full cream, soy, or almond milk. We’ve saved the best ‘til last though with a Choc Chip Chai; an addictive blend of black tea, cinnamon, star anise, ginger, orange flowers, ginkgo leaves, and CHOCOLATE, it’s a no-brainer.
Where: 38 Kondalilla Road, Montville


Clandestino Roasters are well known round these parts for their amazing coffee. And for good reason. But that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to rock a great chai. Their Fresh Chai Tea blend is part of the Chamellia range and is a 100 per cent organic blend of nine aromatic spices, organic black tea, and raw organic honey. Brewed to perfection in a bit of hot water and then infused with your choice of milk, this authentic chai is already perfectly sweetened by the honey in the tea blend—and goes really well with an almond croissant. Just sayin’.
Where: 59 Rene Street, Noosaville


I’m pretty sure CK Coffee Bar and Wholefoods don’t have a single thing on their menu that isn’t totally and utterly good for you. Their Sir Chai Tea is a black tea, brewed with a mix of cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves. Drink it as a normal tea or infuse it with any one of their eight (yep, EIGHT!) milks to make more of an authentic Indian Chai (without the sugar!). And while you’re at it, there’s no harm in trying their current winter special of chai-infused quinoa porridge, served with Coyo and strawberries. Is there?
Where: 17 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba


Urban Garden Nambour are another beautiful bunch who love Fresh Chai Tea blend from Chamellia. The aromatic spices, organic black tea, and raw organic honey make for the perfect chai tea—but they earn major bonus points for serving it to us in a gorgeous black tea pot. Ask for it as either a normal tea with your choice of milk on the side, or go for the infused spiced chai option, which is spun on their machine with the milk, and then strained into the teapot. So much milky goodness and plenty of Instagram-worthy material to work with.
Where: 8 Bury Street, Nambour


Monicas Cafe are getting full points for both brew and presentation on their chai tea offering. Their Malabar Chai is sourced from the soulful and ambitious Tea Drop tea house in Melbourne; and served in a beautiful cast iron tea set with extra milk and honey. This spicy and sweet blend originates from Sri Lanka and its black tea base is spiced with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, star anise, rose petals, ginger, and natural chai flavour. What more could you ask for?
Where: 11/43 Maple Street, Maleny

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Image Credit: ungree

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