Best Cinnamon Breakfasts On The Sunshine Coast

By Trixie Hillen
10th Aug 2017


There are morning people—those who will whip up a green smoothie and avo toast at 6am after an hour of Pilates, or even those who can face a full fry up with bacon and beans, and a cup of tea to wash it down. Then there’s the rest of us. The ones who struggle to stomach a small latte at 9.30am, and that’s on the days we’re hungry. 

But if there’s one flavour that can stir our night-owl tastebuds, it’s cinnamon. It’s got a spicy kick that wakes us up, along with a sort of smoky mysteriousness that makes us feel like it’s still night time. 

So we’ve rounded up the best cinnamon breakfasts on the Sunshine Coast to help you become a morning person. 

Cinnamon Scrolls | Tome


If cinnamon is your thing—or if you’d like it to be—get yo’self down to Tome for one of their epic cinnamon scrolls. On the surface, it could be mistaken for a chain-store American cinnamon bun, but we ALL know our friends at Tome are so much better than that. Tear off a strip of buttery, flaky roll, making sure you get plenty of the bitter, spicy cinnamon syrup, and some sugary sweet glaze, and we promise you’ll be in heaven. 

Cinnamon Morning Bun | Tanglewood


Some people think too much of a good thing is excessive. Not us. You can find Tanglewood's ubiquitous little cruffins in loads of spots around the Noosa region now—Belmondos, Zabe, Noosa Farmers Market, Padre, Café Le Monde—and we can’t get enough of them. Handmade organic croissant dough is swirled with cinnamon sugar and if you’re lucky, you’ll get one with a little pool of caramelized sugary butter at the bottom. 

Cinnamon Pretzels | Van Wegens Bakery


The lovely team at Van Wegens really do have our best interests at heart by telling us this is a pretzel. They don’t want us to feel guilty as we order two and pretend one is “for my boyfriend, who’s waiting in the car”. We ALL know they’re both for us. And really, we don’t care. If we’re being honest though, we also all know that this is actually a doughnut, lovingly twisted into pretzel shape, brushed with butter and dusted in cinnamon sugar. It can’t get any better. 

Cinnamon Doughnuts | The Jam Factory

Various Locations

While we’re on the subject of doughnuts for breakfast, if you haven’t tried The Jam Factory’s warm, fluffy, buttermilk cinnamon donuts, then are you even alive? Head to the funkiest caravan you’ve ever seen at Yandina Markets on a Saturday morning (or Havana Night Markets in Peregian Springs) and hit them up for one of these babies. They’re perfect as they are—dusted in cinnamon sugar—but to take it up a notch, fill them with homemade fillings like caramel, vanilla custard, lemon curd or raspberry jam. 

Apple And Cinnamon Crumble Cup | Vanilla Food


There’s nothing worse than ending up with cinnamon sugar sprinkled all down your chin and over your best work top. So if you need a quick takeaway that’s NOT going to crumble all over you in the car, order (ironically enough) the crumble from Vanilla Food. It doesn’t get more classic than a pairing of apple and cinnamon, and this vegan brekkie treat is free from refined sugars, to give you energy for the whole day.

Cinnamon Granola | Greenhouse Cafe


For a healthy cinnamon breakfast (or at least one that’s not rolled in butter or filled with jam) the cinnamon granola with Greek yoghurt and fruit at Greenhouse Cafe will keep you happy. The team will always make an effort to accommodate dietary requirements, so it’s a great spot to bring your mates who have to watch what they eat. Plus, they do a mean Acai bowl.

Thick Cut Cinnamon French Toast | Sirocco 


If you’ve got a bit of time for a leisurely brekky, you can’t do better than a spot on the river at Noosa. The chunky slabs of French toast at Sirocco are just dusted with cinnamon sugar before being piled high with crispy bacon and banana, then drizzled with maple syrup. And if you’re not a sweet tooth, the chachouka baked eggs with merguez sausage is to die for.

Want to step up your brekkie game even more? Check out 17 Sunshine Coast Breakfasts To Try In 2017.

Image credit: Tome

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