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Where To Munch On The Coast's Best Hot Chips

By Chevaune Hindley
26th Jun 2016

When the waiter asks you, “Would you like chips or salad with that?”, there’s usually a deep struggle within.

The head (and waistline) is screaming salad but the heart is screaming CHIIIIIIPS. We all know the heart wins. Every single time. (The metaphorical heart anyway—the physical heart is probably not enjoying the cholesterol as much. But hey, YOLO!)

So in knowing the outcome there, and understanding that right now you just wanna find the closest place to get your chip on, we’ve compiled a list of the best hot chips on the Sunshine Coast. May the best chip win!


Elixiba’s hand-cut, spiced chips are a mix of potato, (low-cal) sweet potato, and healthy beetroot chips. The seasoning is insane and really it’s pretty healthy, right? I mean, what menu items at Elixiba aren’t? Wash these down with a little Botanical Fizz Cocktail or Finger Lime Martini, and life will be good!
Where: 11-13 Ocean Street, Maroochydore
Contact: 07 5443 9880


The humble little fish ‘n chip shop we all know and love… Red Emperor doesn’t take this chip business lightly. With hearty portions, fried to perfection, and generously powdered in chicken salt, these chips are best consumed alongside the river with a picnic rug, good mates, and a late afternoon snooze. Aaaahhh… don’t mind if I do.
Where: 281 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville
Contact: 07 5449 0914


If you haven’t been to this sweet spot yet, then it’s high tide *ahem* time, you pay them a visit. Even if it’s just to try their amazing sweet potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli. A basket of these guys will feed more than a couple of you and you’ll get to sit street-side and smugly watch all the passers-by glare at you in chip-envy. High Tide, it’s got to be one of the best cafes on the Sunshine Coast.
Where: 1/21-23 Mudjimba Beach Esplanade, Mudjimba
Contact: 07 5450 5554


Possibly one of the best water views on the Sunshine Coast, The Boat Shed in Cotton Tree has been sneaking some scrumptious nosh out of their secret little take-away window, for a while now. And their yummy chips are no exception. Grab a portion and settle under the trees for a peaceful moment in paradise.
Where: The Esplanade, Cotton Tree
Contact: 07 5443 3808


If you’re in the need for a big feed, then just say Hello Harry. Harry is a good lad and will sort you out with his Loaded Chips, served with cheese, green onions, and bacon. Oh my! Not only will you leave feeling full and satisfied, but you’ll also know that you’ve made a friend for life. We should probably let you know (in case you don’t) that Harry also serves up some of the best burgers on the Sunshine Coast.
Where: 12-20 Ocean Street, Maroochydore
Contact: 07 5443 6615


Fryer of Whitby is also known as the “Home of the Hand-cut Chip”. They are one of the very few places that actually cut their own chips on the premises, making their chippies way more tasty and healthy than any frozen variety. Given that and the fact that they’re perfectly fried, seasoned, and cooked with luurve—you will not be disappointed.
Where: Brightwater Market Place, 69-79 Attenuata Drive, Mountain Creek
Contact: 07 5438 8058


Who says chips can’t occasionally dress up and be a bit fancy? Five & Dime Burger Bar support the fancy chip and offer a mouth-watering basket of crinkle cut chips topped with garlic butter and melted parmesan cheese. Mm, mm, mmmm! Warning: Once you try this gourmet chip, you will forever question the salt and tomato sauce alternative.
Where: Shop 11/20 Aerodrome Road, Maroochydore
Contact: 07 5479 5946


Ever heard of the Communion Chip? To avoid the risk of making an inappropriate Catholic joke, we’ll just say that these crunchy, waffle-cut chips are served up with the house chipotle and really are a Godsend. And we have to confess, the Good Bar Chilli Fries are also SINFULLY good. See what we did there?
Where: Shop 5, 19 First Avenue, Mooloolaba
Contact: 07 5477 6781


Anything you grab down at Delish Fish is going to be—and this is their own words—simply de’lish. This above-the-average fish ‘n chip joint offer up the crunchiest and tastiest beer-battered chips on the Sunshine Coast. Follow these with a serve of their award-winning gelato—freshly made in-house daily—and your mouth will be doing the Tarantella all the way home.
Where: 8 Levuka Avenue, Kings Beach (on the beach front)
Contact: 07 5437 0344


We all love a good-looking sweet potato chip. But give it a smooth shave and dress it with spice; and it’s practically an aphrodisiac. Flux serve up a tantalising bowl of shaved sweet potato, dashed with cumin salt, and showered with a huge dollop of moreish-ness. Seriously, you’ll be left wanting more.
Where: 3/255 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville
Contact: 07 5455 6540


If you like the classic potato chip, then you’re gonna LOVE the lotus chip. This exotic beauty is served as a perfectly salted side-portion at none other than Spice Bar in Mooloolaba. Prop it up with some incredible tasting plates and a quality glass of sake, and send us your “thank yous” later.
Where: First Floor, 123 Mooloolaba Esplanade, Mooloolaba
Contact: 07 5444 2022


The only thing better than a serving of chips, are chips served in a cone! Oh the fun! It just screams “carnival” or “markets” or “circus” all over. And if this wasn’t enough excitement, Crumbed Or Naked are also turning chips into a killer dessert option, sprinkling their sweet potato wedges with—get this—cinnamon sugar! All we ever wanted in a single paper cone.
Where: Shop 13, 47 - 51 Zanzibar Building, Mooloolaba Esplanade, Mooloolaba
Contact: 07 5433 4488

Image Credit: Delicious Finds

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