Reader’s Choice | Who Does The Best Indian?

By Catherine Blake
8th Apr 2016

Sunshine Coasters are among the feistiest diners when it comes to a good Indian feed.

Our love for the curried wealth is a steamy affair known for making many hot under the collar. We love a raunchy shawarma, or a nice, mellow dhal situation, and you won’t find a single warm-blooded Sunny Coaster saying no to extra naan.

But the best Indian restaurants on the Sunshine Coast don’t just hang around where any old clown could stumble across ‘em. So often the best rendangs are tucked down a side street within a side street behind a building that you didn’t even know existed.

Everyone has their own hot and spicy tip on which are the best Indian restaurants on the Sunshine Coast, and today we’re calling your bluff. We want anyone and everyone with the sly knowledge to come forward with your absolute favourite, most reliably ballin’ Indian restaurant.

Tell us, what is the best Indian restaurant on the Sunshine Coast?

Have you got a fave Indian go-to you just can’t live without? Give them the kudos they deserve by voting for them in our Reader’s Choice Awards. Stay tuned, the winners will be announced at the end of April!

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Image Credit: Simply Delicious

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