Is This The Most EPIC Milkshake On The Sunshine Coast?!

By Caity Stone
15th Jan 2018


New Year, new loaded drankkkk! But this one is especially epic! As in, you MUST try it. 

It’s a milkshake in a mason glass with a difference, a huge difference. It’s more of a skyscraper to be fair, and will for sure be bringing all the boyzzz to the yard. We are personally holding The Nines, a cute cafe in Maroochydore, responsible for ruining all our 2018 diet resolutions. 

The ingredients are simple enough. First the mason gets 'rimmed' with sprinkles (naturally) and then comes the cream (whipped, of course) and plenty of it, peeps. Then a freshly pressed waffle, slightly warmed. We are nom noming already, yeah? Next they throw in rainbow ice-cream and choc cake, ‘cause why the hell not? 

Then comes in the topper to top em’ all! An ice-cream sandwich. You WANT to eat it now, don’t you?! 

This baby is so epic it takes 15 minutes to make and it even has a name: Glorious Gary’s Great Shake. Trust us, Gary is glorious. 

 Don’t worry, no one will judge if you use a knife and fork. (Hint: We did.) 

But hurry, this beauty is only being made in January. Who knows what diet demon The Nines will create in February. You betta run, not walk, while the going is this good. 

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Image credit: Amy Higg 

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