The Best New Apps To Get Your Life In Order

By Rachel Pool
24th Sep 2016

We all go into the each month with the best intentions, but by about day 10 we’ve already eaten what we weren’t going to eat, done something we weren’t going to do, and are just failing miserably in general!

Well there’s an app for that!

To give you a helping hand, we’ve collated the best apps to get your life in order before the year is out. There’s apps to help you organise your life and finances, create good habits, practice mindfulness, and lead a healthier lifestyle. So, get downloading and prepare to sort the shiz out of the rest of 2016—with a helping technological hand.


An app that lets you create your own apps for exactly what you want and need? Enter Workflow. It allows you to create your own simple apps for the things you do most often (your workflows) with your device, connecting all the apps you already have. You can share your workflows and see what other people have created. For example, you can use the workflow “Uber to next event”, which connects Uber with your calendar so it only takes one click to get you on the way to the party. Pretty freakin’ amazing, huh?


Streaks is a simple habit tracker to make sure you stick to those resolutions! You pick six tasks that you want to make into a daily habit—this could be floss your teeth, walk 10,000 steps, meditate for ten minutes—whatever it may be. But don’t break the chain—Streaks marks you on how long you keep up the habit by telling you how many days in a row you’re at. But you can choose certain days for habits like avoiding unhealthy food from Sunday to Friday to allow you that weekend blowout. Streaks can also connect to the iOSHealth app to automatically track your health goals like a certain amount of steps per day.


Get your serious geek on and learn how to code in 2016 with Javvy. It’s already predicted that coding could become a compulsory “language” in schools, and to not be able to code could become like not knowing how to use a computer at all (yes Mum, I’m looking at you). It’s beginner friendly and gives you little bite-sized tutorials so that you can pick it up on the fly and get coding. Add a serious notch to your belt and a great skill to your repertoire with Javvy by becoming one of those “girls (or guys!) who code”.

Moleskine Timepage

Moleskine are best known for their beautiful leather diaries, but their new-ish app Timepage is one of the best calendar apps available. It connects to your other calendars including Facebook, and lists all of the events in your jam-packed social calendar. It also has each event’s weather forecast so you can plan exactly what to wear and free up the umbrella space in your handbag. Timepage also gives you travel times and directions from Google Maps, so you can plan your fashionably late arrival time to the minute. You can even hail an Uber from inside the app—this is certainly the calendar app with the mostest!


Headspace asks for just 10 minutes of your day and guides you through the absolute basics of meditation. It’s mindfulness for the mindless… well not quite, but it definitely gives us some much needed “headspace” to deal with our everyday stresses and anxieties. It also has serious potential to help you with any concentration or sleeping problems—if it’s only going to take 10 minutes per day to fix all of that, then sign us up stat! will help you to smash those goals you’ve got in mind for 2016 by linking you up with their network of over 700 coaches and tracking your progress. Bring the concept of a life coach into your reach and take away the stigma attached with this simple app. The network means they have the resources to connect you with coaches to help you reach any goal—financial, productivity, health, fitness. It’s real coaching—as in you get to speak to a real person via messaging or phone. No robots or automated messages here.

Pocket Yoga

Yoga is great for the mind and the bod. Don’t just take our word for it, step into any yoga studio and see if you’d like to look and hold yourself like the others in the room. Pocket Yoga quite literally brings yoga into your pocket to use in your lounge, bedroom, or wherever you may choose to practice. An instructor guides you through routines in different styles and difficulty levels—it’s up to you. The dictionary is a great way to learn what on Earth adho muhka svanasana is (that’s downward-facing dog to you). You don’t need to use cell data which means you’re less likely to drain your gigs, but also you can literally do it anywhere. I don’t know about you but we have visions of shavasana on a secluded beach on a tropical island…

Good Budget

Trying to get a foothold on the property ladder? Good luck to you. No matter how big or small your financial goal is Good Budget will help you get there. It lets you set up “envelopes” of how much money you allocate to yourself and then shows your how you’re tracking. You’ll quickly see where all those sneaky dollars disappear to and get you back on track for your saving goals!

Gift Plan

All the Christmas kerfuffle has reminded us just how damn stressful gift buying is. Yes, we have Facebook to remind us when people’s birthdays are so we barely remember them anymore, but when you get the notification that it’s Dad’s birthday in the morning it’s slightly too late to show off those perfect child skills. Be the friend/daughter/son/colleague that everyone loves! Gift Plan syncs with Facebook so you still don’t actually have to remember and you can list ideas next to people as you think of them.

Gallery Doctor

If your phone is full to the brim with all those selfies, you’re not alone, but yes there is an app for that. Gallery Doctor scans your device to find your similar photos and “bad” photos and asks you to review if they can be deleted or not. How often is it that you’ve tried to really (unsuccessfully) be sneaky and take 100 photos of your meal as it arrives to the table only to come out with 93 that are blurry, dark or unrecognisable, and seven exactly the same? Well, Gallery Doctor will help you identify the one that should be kept, leaving plenty of space to capture tomorrow’s meals… Genius? We think yes!

This article was previously posted on our sister site, The Urban List. 

Image Credits: Substance and Tash Oakley

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