Dirty Moes | Bringin' The Deep South To The Coast

By Claire Plush
7th Mar 2016

Melt-in-your-mouth lamb shoulder, super slow-cooked brisket, and the best mac ‘n’ cheese we’ve tasted in years, Dirty Moes is bringing the flavours of the Deep South to the Sunshine Coast, and we’re totally freakin’ out!

Opening in Mooloolaba only three weeks ago, this brand spankin’ new restaurant slash bar has stirred up quite the buzz with its urban setting and insanely tasty menu.

And because we rank high on the FOMO spectrum, we only made it two weeks before we couldn’t hack it any longer, and had to zip to Mooloolaba to experience first-hand what all the fuss was about.

Let’s just say the verdict comes down to two words: holy deliciousness!

But really, we could never leave it at just that. Descriptions are our forte and food is our crack, so diving deeper into a restaurant/bar/cafe is pretty much our addiction. And Dirty Moes is no exception.

Tucked along the esplanade, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re in Melbourne, or Sydney, or the States, as soon as you lay your peepers on Dirty Moes. Hell, you’d pretty much be forgiven for thinking you’re anywhere BUT on the Sunshine Coast.

Obviously the food is THE most important part of what a restaurant serves up, but we can’t get over the interior styling that this new Mooloolaba establishment is also bringing to the table.

Stunning exposed brick walls cocoon the space and were made with about 4000 bricks that were shipped up from Sydney specifically for the restaurant. If that doesn’t float your design boat, add to that, polished concrete floors, a sleek copper bar and shelving, and low lit basement-style lighting, and we’re pretty sure there’s nowhere on the Coast that comes close to resembling Dirty Moes.

All it takes is a gentle prod of our forks into the sauce-covered mound, and with little to no force, the meat falls off. No exaggeration!

A collaboration between couple Hazel Burns and Ben Baker, and their mate Ryan Scells, it took four months and a whole lotta grit for the trio to turn their ideas into a reality. And what we see and taste when we visit for lunch, is nothing short of amazing.

The main affair at Dirty Moes has got to be the share plates. Made to fill the grizzling stomachs of two to three people, you choose a hearty chunk of slow-cooked meat—confit lamb shoulder, Low ‘n’ Slow Pork Collar, 12-hour slow-cooked beef brisket (seriously, we highly recommend this one), fall-off-the-bone beef ribs, or deep-fried whole fish—and then two sides from menu. These aren’t your average “sides” either. We’re talkin’ Mac & 3 Cheeses, chargrilled corn cob, and collard beans with roasted almonds, garlic, and lemon. Hungry yet?

We opt for the smoked brisket that’s dry rubbed with Louisiana spice and coated with a house-made sticky BBQ sauce. All it takes is a gentle prod of our forks into the sauce-covered mound, and with little to no force, the meat falls off. No exaggeration! Oh, and it has to be said, the smoky sauce has a flavour that lingers long after the last bite, it’s that good.

If you don’t wanna go big, Dirty Moes also does a some seriously impressive small plates—think: corn dogs, chicken lollipops with sticky honey and soy glaze, and chilli cheese fries (oh baby!).

We get that food isn’t on everybody’s mind, all the time, so those hangin’ for a drink will appreciate the bar’s five rotating beers on tap, and very reasonably priced cocktails. We have it on record that the Sticky-Date Espresso Martini is a sophisticated take on an old fave with vodka replaced with spiced rum and toffee syrup. Strong, smooth, and impossible to stop at one, this is a proper gateway to turning an ordinary night into a fun one. Or so we heard…

We don’t give out compliments easily, but in our books, Dirty Moes is doin’ a damn fine job of climbing into the pool and paddling about with some of the best restaurants in Mooloolaba.

Meat fans, you are going to be dropping balls over this place. So do yourself a favour, and get there!

Where: Shop 8/11 Landmark Resort, Mooloolaba Esplanade, Mooloolaba

Image Credit: Daniel Hine

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