The Sunshine Coast’s Best Smoothie Bowls To Get You Through Summer

By Mikaela Burnett
17th Dec 2017

smoothie bowls

Summer. The time of year where it’s acceptable to walk around the shopping centre wearing nothing but wet togs, a towel and 10 cups of sand between your butt cheeks. And it doesn’t get better than summer on the Sunshine Coast (just ask the five billion tourists everywhere).

But, the 400-degree heat can make the thought of food that ISN’T ice seem unbearable. So thank gawwwd for smoothie bowls! What did we do before they were created? What did we eat through summer? What did we take photos of!? Who bloody knows, but we’re so very grateful for their existence. We’ve done the hard work for you and found the best places to get a smoothie bowl that isn’t an acai bowl (because it’s not 2015 anymore). 

Vanilla Food


If you haven’t heard already, Matcha is the new acai. It kind of looks like somebody melted Shrek and then topped him off with some fruit, granola and edible flowers. But, it tastes amazing and it’s good for you! And the guys at Vanilla Food make the best Matcha bowls going around. So make sure you don’t miss out on a trip to Belmondos for a Matcha bowl paired with an (iced) Clandestino brew.

Coconut Head 


Coconut Head knows what’s up when it comes to making a good smoothie bowl. And they made magic when they designed the Brass Monkey bowl. It sounds like it makes no sense, but it tastes like God personally blessed your taste buds. With ingredients such as coconut flesh, dates, cacao and maple syrup (just to name a few) you can pretty much guarantee a party will be going down in your gob. 



Imagine diving into the blue crystal waters of Noosa Main Beach and as you come up for air you realise you’re actually swimming in a delicious smoothie bowl. And that smoothie bowl is called the Blue Ocean Bowl, and it’s really dang pretty and really dang tasty. The blue colour comes from the Antioxidant Blue Pea Powder, which is as wild as it sounds. Plus, it’s full of antioxidants, which we’re PRETTY sure is a good thing. You got us good, Blended, you got us good. 

The Velo Project 


The guys at The Velo Project often get things right. Actually, they ALWAYS get things right. And their Salted Caramel Smoothie Bowl is absolutely no exception! It’s all the flavour of salted caramel but hold the naughty ingredients. So if you feel like treatin’ yo-self but your bikini body is like “Babessss, we’ve literally treated ourselves all week” then this is a great alternative. 

Cafe Nurcha 


If you’re looking for summer in a bowl then set a bowl under your chin and wait for the sweat off your moustache to follow the laws of gravity. Or, you can try the Sun Salute bowl at Cafe Nurcha. With summery ingredients like pineapple, mango and passionfruit and NO sweat, you’ll not only help get your body temperature under 100 degrees but your tastebuds will be eternally grateful. 

Two Point Oh!


The Ying & Yang bowl from Two Point Oh! is basically a spiritual experience with its blend of coconut, tapioca, mango and caramelised lychees. It is actually the Ying to your Yang, the Eat, Pray, Love to your mid-life crisis and it won’t costyou a flight to the other side of the world. Plus, it’s icy cold and we’re really sweaty, so it’s a YASS from us. 

CK Coffee Bar & Wholefoods 


Pink pitaya is another one of those superfoods that is making its way around the world of Instagram. And you know if CK Coffee Bar & Wholefoods have it on their menu it must be good for you (we trust their menu like we trust our best friends opinion of that new guy we’re seeing). Not only is the smoothie part of this Pink Pitaya Bowl delicious, but CK’s homemade granola is the best granola we’ve ever tasted! 

One Block Back 

Moffat Beach

Remember the days when charcoal was a punishment for being the spawn of Satan all year? Well, gone are those days because charcoal is not only used for everything (toothpaste, face masks, broken hearts) it can taste good too! At least it does when the guys at OBB whip it up with some delicious ingredients and top it off with some fruit, granola and raw treats for their Charcoal Bowl. Who ever thought something so black and swamp-like could taste so fruity and sweet!? 

Coco Loco Club 

Moffat Beach

Anything called Panda’s Peanut Butter Bowl has our attention because WE LOVE PEANUT BUTTER. But who doesn’t? It’s like the glue that holds the world together. And when it’s hot as hell outside peanut butter can still be there to hold your hand and tell you everything will be alright, but in smoothie bowl for, which, let’s be real, is the best form. Head to Coco Loco Club stat for this bowl of deliciousness.

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Image credit: Amy Higg for The Urban List

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