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24 Vegetarian Dishes You Absolutely Need To Devour

By Trixie Hillen
1st Jan 2018


I’m not vegetarian by any stretch of the imagination…

I mean, yes, sometimes I’ll accidentally make a dinner that’s unintentionally meat-free (once I even made a completely vegan dinner, when I forgot to buy yoghurt to go with falafel, flatbread, and hommus) but I rarely plan vego meals.

So when I spot something on a menu that makes me sidestep the meat options or forgo the seafood, then you KNOW it’s good. And if I go back just to try it again, then you know it’s truly spectacular!

Here are 24 of our favourite vegetarian dishes from across the Coast.

1. Asian cuisines really know how to serve up epic vego dishes, and the spicy mushroom laab at Spirit House is no exception.

2. Possibly the most spectacular vegetarian dish I’ve ever eaten, Locale Noosa serves up a textural feast of eggplant, beetroot, and goat’s cheese.

3. Support local farmers and producers at Hungry Feel Eating House with cauliflower croquettes, spiced chickpeas, and haloumi.

4. Add a bit of spice to your night with the crowd-pleasing palak paneer from Deepak Indian in Cooroy. Well, I’m sure it WOULD be crowd-pleasing if I hadn’t already eaten it all. #sorrynotsorry

5. It’s kinda hard to choose between all the great veggie options on the brunch menu at Via Italia, but the corn and kale fritters are definitely on our list.

6. If you need some sustenance before you face your Sunday morning fruit and veg shopping, pop in to Boiling Pot Foods at Noosa Farmers Market for a haloumi, pesto, and Noosa Reds baguette.

7. A classic burger with a housemade veggie pattie at The Nines just screams for a loaded shake. Make mine rocky road!

8. Take smashed avo to the next level at Beau’s.

9. Raw, paleo, ayurvedic, gluten-free, vegan. Hard to believe that sliders with smokey bbq sauce, cheesy sauce, and fresh buns fit this category but somehow, with some mix of alchemy and love, the guys at Elixiba pull it off!

10. Wood Fire Grill might be famous for its intimidating slabs of charred meat, but the chargrill takes its veggie caponata (served with homemade gnocchi) to the next level.

11. You can’t beat a paper bag full of hot, crispy veggie koftas from Gopals with that amazing spicy red dipping sauce. There’s heaps of vegan options too.

12. Even though Black Bunny Kitchen is known as a bit of heaven for carnivores (and it is), vegos won’t feel left out with the teriyaki glazed mushrooms with snake beans and tofu.

13. Food Truck Alley, next to Urban Garden in Nambour wouldn’t be complete without its regular supplier of Sri Lankan coconut dhal and flaky, buttery hot paratha. AND you can grab an Urban Garden latte to get you through the afternoon.

14. Too many awesome vegie options to choose from at Shotgun Espresso. Just. Too Many.

15. No one can accuse the team at Wasabi of not putting the effort into their vegetarian menu options. They hand make their silken tofu (yes, seriously) and dish it up with hot ginger dashi broth and baby eggplant. Prepare to feel special.

16. There’s a battle going on within the ranks of Metropolist Sunshine Coast. It’s been triggered by Caloundra’s Greenhouse Café’s epic mushroom, avo, and poached egg Big Brekky and their kickarse Nasi Goreng. Who wins? We need a referee!

17. It’s 3am, you’ve just stumbled out of O’Malley’s and you NEED food. A greasy, garlicky falafel roll from Phoenix Kebabs on the Esplanade will totally hit the spot. And you DEFINITELY won’t regret it tomorrow. We promise.

18. For spring rolls like you’ve never experienced before, make the trip to Dhom’s Thai in Cooroy. Just book early because ALL the locals know about this secret spot.

19. The Imperial Hotel in Eumundi dishes up some seriously substantial salads—think labne and lentils rather than lettuce. #norabbitfood

20. I have a mild obsession with pickled ANYTHING so Buddha’s Delight—pickled vegetables with Sichuan chilli caramel—totally speaks to me.

21. Some serious comfort food to put in the diary for when the weather cools down—a lentil and sweet potato Moroccan cottage pie at Montville Pub.

22. Even though there’s plenty of vegetarian options on the menu, you can’t beat Embassy XO’s chilli corn cakes with black vinegar dipping sauce. And even better, they’re only $5 from 3pm-6pm Wednesday to Sundays! Perfect excuse for a lychee martini, really.

23. Show your civilised side with ricotta stuffed zucchini flowers and a glass of prosecco at Noosa Waterfront. Then end up drinking red wine in the park because everything else has closed. (This may or may not be based on an actual experience…)

24. We all know Zachary’s for their pizza, but Zac’s Gourmet Burgers (where the original Zachary’s used to sit on Hastings Street) totally nails this other favourite takeaway option. The Algerian Falafel Burger has a kick of spicy harissa too. Nom nom nom.

Want more meat-free goodness? We’ve just uncovered five epic acai bowls to devour!

Image Credit: Amy Higg for The Urban List 

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