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Found | The Coast's Best Waffles, Pancakes, And Crepes

By Trixie Hillen - 21 Feb 2016

You can tell we’re well into the new year now, and those resolutions are but a distant memory.

You can finally get a treadmill at the gym again, we’re over our ridiculous hangover-induced “I’ll never drink again” vows, and I’m confident there’s plenty of would-be vegans whose virtuous pre-2016 plans to avoid meat lasted no longer than the time it took for a hotdog craving to kick in. #sorrynotsorry

So, let’s all just agree to pretend that we never made those absurd promises, and instead indulge our passions for the sweeter stuff, like the best waffles on the Sunshine Coast. And the best pancakes, and the best pikelets, and the best crepes—basically any kind of breakfast you can pour syrup on.

Here’s where we’re getting our sweet brekky fix:

The Nines Emporium

Depending which side of your 30th birthday you fall on, shopping for homewares and furniture is either your worst nightmare or your idea of utter heaven. Either way, at some point between the rugs and the recliners, you will almost certainly need a snack break (or is that just me?) Waffles Squared is just one of the epic waffley options from The Nines Emporium at Sunshine Homemaker Centre. If you really need to fuel your retail therapy, grab a Canadian Maple Bacon Waffle Shake to go. Not. Even. Kidding.

Where: Shop 17A Sunshine Homemaker Centre, Maroochydore

Contact: 07 5443 4463

Waffle On

At the opposite end of the waffle spectrum are stroopwafels. No ostentatious whipped cream and sprinkles or sky-high loaded shakes here. Kinda like Lady Gaga compared to Emma Watson, these traditional Dutch waffles are subtle, and spectacular—delicate and crisp with a sticky caramel filling between thin buttery wafers. So if you haven’t tried warm, freshly baked stroopwafels yet, Adrian and Anny at Waffle On roll them out fresh throughout the day. And if you’re not a sweet tooth (I’ve heard such people exist?), the Dutch croquette roll with mustard should be at the top of your must-eat list.

Where: Montville Village Square, 168 Main Street, Montville

Café by the Beach

Sunday mornings are about family, coffee, catching up with mates, and of course pancakes. If you want to make it easy on yourself, check out Family Pancake Sunday at Café by the Beach. With a full brekky menu served up until 11.30am, there will be something for everyone. And with a whole section devoted to variations of pancake goodness, it’s hard to pick just one. But if you were to twist our arm, we’d be all sophisticated and go for the red wine and poached pear pikelets with cinnamon mascarpone.

Where: 14 Seaview Terrace, Moffat Beach

Contact: 07 5491 9505

Ben and Jerry’s

Waffles are awesome. Burritos are awesome. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is possibly the most awesome thing on the planet. Combining these three things could just be too spectacular to contemplate. But contemplate it they did, and the team at Ben and Jerry’s Mooloolaba invented the BRRR-ito! Your favourite ice cream, (we vote for Peanut Butter Pretzel Batter!) fudge sauce and cookie crumbles rolled up in a warm soft waffle wrap. Who knew that our favourite ice cream makers had more than just ice cream on the menu?!

Where: 3/87 Mooloolaba Esplanade, Mooloolaba

Contact: 07 5444 4376


If you love pancakes as much as we do (probably not possible) then the killer menu at Beau’s is definitely a must for your next long weekend brunch. Nitrite-free bacon, maple syrup and nutty toffee praline on fluffy pancakes make it worth tracking down this hidden gem. Just about everything is cooked from scratch, fresh on site, so you know your brekky has been made with love.

Where: 34 Esplanade Headland, Kings Beach

Contact: 07 5438 0048

Little Boat Espresso

Waffles have a pretty interesting history. Most European countries have their own version of waffles—from sweet, chewy, sugared Belgian waffles to light, savoury Norwegian waffles served with cheese. And Little Boat Espresso has all your sweet and savoury waffle bases covered. We can vouch for the cornmeal waffle with popcorn chicken and maple caramel, and you should probably insist your tablemate order the ricotta waffles with banana, honey labneh, and chai syrup. Purely for research purposes, you understand…

Where: 3 Lorraine Avenue, Marcoola

Contact: 07 5457 0898

The Velo Project

Our gluten-free besties often miss out on amazing dessert and brekky options. But The Velo Project has come to the rescue with a huge range of gluten-free buckwheat crepes. So if you’re feeling decadent, the truffled mushroom, prosciutto, spinach, and parmesan crepe is impossible to pass up. And these guys take their coffee seriously too, so it totally hits ALL the right notes.

Where: 19 Careela Street, Mooloolaba

Contact: 07 5444 8693

Image Credit: Daniel Hine

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