We Check Out | Bonsai Brewhouse (Now Closed)

By Claire Plush
11th Apr 2016


Pull out the diary and cross out this weekend. Trust us, you’re gonna want to keep it reserved for a visit to one of the Coast’s favourite craft beer haunts, Bonsai Brewhouse.

Opening earlier in the year, this new Noosa Hinterland brewery is tucked behind a building in the centre of Pomona. Yep, that country town you haven’t tripped out to in forever, is steppin’ into the drinking scene in a pretty cool way.

At the helm of this rustic watering hole is local couple, Cassie and Matt—the latter who was an important fixture at Sunshine Coast Brewery prior to stepping out on his own. Together, over about nine months, this super down-to-earth pair transformed a dilapidated shed into a home for their beers and a super inviting place for you to drink them.

Flick away those thoughts of a brewery being a super clinical environment, because Bonsai is the total opposite. From the road, you can’t see a thing, making it all the more special when you first lay eyes on this hidden gem. This rusty tin shed with no glass in the windows, exposed timber beams, mismatched furniture, heaps of hanging plants and bonsais (duh!), is a refreshing change to the minimalist movement sweeping across the East Coast of Australia.

Experimenting with brews is somewhat a right of passage when opening your own place, and Matt takes full advantage of his role as chief brewer—changing up the offerings each time a keg is emptied, which happens pretty regularly.

We drop in to Bonsai Brewhouse on a Saturday for a peek and a taste of the good stuff, because what’s a review without some taste-testing?!

On tap are Archie’s Ale and Layne’s Lager (both named after the couple’s young boys), a Pale Ale, Irish Red, Bonsai Light, and The Landlord Ale. But come another day, and you could be sipping on a sour Raspberry Funk or Passionfruit Berliner—a German-style beer infused with local passionfruit.

Knocking back a couple of schooners in this relaxed and rickety space is not a hard task, but because Pomona is a wee drive from where we’ve got to be, it’s time for something not so alcoholic. Bonsai Brewhouse’s answer? The Sungazer—a dry but refreshing blend of local ginger, honey, organic green tea, and yeast, poured straight from the tap and then into my mouth. Mmmmm…

Open Thursday from 5pm, and Friday and Saturday from 10am, you might not have had a reason to head to Pomona for a while, but now we’re giving you one. A really good one.

Where: 18b Reserve Street, Pomona

Image Credit: Claire Plush

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