We Check Out | Bordertown

By Claire Plush
11th Aug 2016

It’s no easy feat being the new kid on the block, but we’re pretty sure this swanky new American BBQ joint is going to handle it just fine.

Opening this weekend (yep, as in THIS weekend!), Bordertown will be staking its rib-shack-chic stamp on Noosa. And let’s just say it’s going to be incredible, you guys!

TBH, we expected no less when we caught wind of who was behind it—Cam Birt, Dan Bechly, and CC. With a joint CV that includes launching, owning, and operating some of Brisbane’s most impressive venues—think: Fortitude Valley’s The Bowery, degustation restaurant The Buffalo Club, The Zoo, and Sky Room—it’s kinda obvious this place is going to be something spesh before it has even opened its doors.

Sitting along Gympie Terrace, with front-on views of Noosa River, you’d be hard pressed to ruffle up a better location. But despite having a picture-perfect backdrop, Bordertown doesn’t leave the setting all up to nature. Head inside and you’ll find an intimate space that’s been renovated by the trio over almost two months. It’s sleek and sexy as hell. And to say we’re already jealous of the Noosaville peeps who’ll get to call this their local, is pretty accurate.

Cosy bar tables, pendant lights giving off a dim glow, shelving made from black powder coated piping and brass joins, indoor plants, and towards the back of the restaurant, a wall mural by artist Thom Stuart. If we haven’t made it clear enough—Bordertown is dripping with ambience.

Perhaps the star of the show though—other than the food, but we’ll get to that—is the stunning, stretches-on-forever, bar. Perched on a base made from metal sheets that’ve been rusted with vinegar to obtain an ochre colour, is a chunky slab of polished concrete, poured on site by the boys. (We’ve even got it on good authority that there’s a champagne cork, among other things, buried somewhere.) The bar starts at the drinks area before morphing into a big, communal dining table at the front of the space. We can totally see ourselves sitting here for one cocktail. And by one, we mean four. #duh

Which brings us to the drinks. And the food. These guys are not novices. Leaving nothing to chance, most of what you’ll be munching or slurping will be made in-house, right down to the barbecue sauce and tonic water. With a rotating signature cocktail list, three tap beers including a brew from our friends at Brouhaha Brewery, and a menu including drool-worthy ribs and pork-filled tacos, it’s going to be pretty difficult to pull yourself away.

But back to what’s happening right now. While Bordertown are officially opening this weekend, they’re going to be kicking off service with more of a pop-up-style menu whilst awaiting their liquor license and fine-tuning their final menu (set to launch in spring). What this means, is that if you do drop in this weekend, consider the stuff you chew as more of a taster of what’s to come. Except for the cocktails, you won’t get your lips around those babies just yet. Because, the law.

But don’t let that scare you off—this temporary menu is nothing to be balked at. There’s a tight but epic selection of eats spanning breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and basically you’d be a fool to stay away.

Pull up a stool on the deck overlooking Gympie Terrace in the AM, and you can order hotcakes with honeycomb crunch, seasonal fruits, and caramel while your mate sides with El Benedicto featuring chorizo hash waffle, smoked pork shoulder, poached egg, and drizzled with a chipotle hollandaise.

Lunch is all about the tacos, baby. Oh, and the burgers! Our picks to pop your Bordertown cherry? Either the charred fish, achiote cream, and malt vinegar pickled cabbage; or the smoked pork shoulder, charred pineapple salsa, and jalapenos combos. Feelin’ more like a bun? Do not go past the flavour-punchin’ Bordertown Burger—because anything named after the joint itself has to be up there.

Bordertown will be fine diving at its best. (Get it? Because it’s a “dive bar”. C’mon, guys.) And with three very capable amigos driving it, we’ve no doubt that this place is going to go off. Beyond that, we’re just so damn excited to hang out here, guzzle cocktails, and stuff ourselves silly with whatever mind-blowing dishes these guys are serving up.

Feelin’ it? Get down and show ‘em some love this weekend. Until the liquor license comes through, doors will be open from 7am to 3pm, daily. As soon as the cocktails and full menu are available, you can count on us to let you know.

Where: 253 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville

Image Credit: Bianca White for Metropolist

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