It’s Official! Brouhaha Brewery Is Open

By Claire Plush
14th Jun 2016

It’s happening. It’s really, really happening.

After tempting us for what feels like forever, and a couple of weeks quietly serving coffee and breakfasts under the radar while they got their hands on an ever-elusive liquor licence, Brouhaha Brewery in Maleny has finally thrown open its doors to the masses.

Yep, that’s right folks, this epic Maleny destination is now pouring fresh brews and serving up incredible dishes to anyone who’s smart enough to trek up to this mountain town for a little looksee.

We were lucky enough to nab a behind the scenes tour, and let’s just say this place… well, it’s definitely worth a visit. Cue the applause!

Like we shared back in May, Brouhaha Brewery is the creation of four mates with a joint passion for great beer. Turning what once was adjoining medical suites into an open yet inviting industrial-styled space, this is one establishment whose strengths span food, booze, and interior design. Basically, “mediocre” isn’t a word that fits anywhere in the Brouhaha vocab.

The interior is what we expected and more, featuring long communal tables down the centre of the space, concrete floors, copper accents, and a row of giant stainless steel tanks at one end nursing the brews you’ll end up drinking and demanding attention with their beauty. There’s also a sleek, 10-tap bar that’s made up of recycled timber, subway tiles, and a marble top built out of tiles left over from a local house-build. #onlyonthesunshinecoast

Outside, a sprawling deck is dotted with custom-made furniture and umbrellas, perfect for those lazy Sundays where drinks turn into a late lunch which turn into more drinks. Trust us, it’s a real possibility when there’s nine Brouhaha Brewery beers on tap—plus a guest beer—and a lip-smacking range of boutique Australian wines to get through. Hell, you could be there all weekend, and who would we be to judge?

But it’s not just about the booze. Along with the deliciously smooth Clandestino coffee on offer, food options are also insanely good. Browse the Brouhaha breakfast menu and you’ll come face-to-face with mouth-watering standouts like the turmeric potatoes with spinach, poached eggs, roast mushrooms, and homemade hollandaise.

Then, there’s the all-day menu which is packed with next-level belly-filling dishes to line the stomach or sober you up post-drinking sesh. From baked cobb load stuffed with blue cheese and spinach, and cauliflower and cheese croquettes paired with the most divine curry aioli to a Moroccan-spiced beef burger drizzled with herbed yoghurt; we’re pretty confident you’re going to find something on this dish list that whets the appetite.

Although we’re busting-at-the-seams excited, it’s obvious we’re not the only ones who’ve been counting down the days. Aside from the thirsty hinterland peeps who are hanging to christen their new local, the Brouhaha crew have been working tirelessly for a little over six months (which is mere days in “brewery-making years”) to get to this point in time. And now they’re here, it’s a pretty safe bet that, come Saturday, the celebratory vibes are going to be a-flowin’. Big time.

Clear the calendar for this weekend, and go see what all the fuss is about!

Where: 6/39 Coral Street, Maleny

Image Credit: Claire Plush

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