Big News Alert | We're Getting A Cheese Club

By Claire Plush
5th May 2016

Attention ALL cheese-lovers. This is a life-changing, albeit cheesy (you’ll see why) announcement about a brand new Sunshine Coast initiative you’d probably jump over a raging bonfire for. Seriously!

Hold on to your beards and over-sized sunhats, ‘cause the Sunshine Coast is getting its very own cheese club, and y’all invited.

Launching on May 19, Cheese Therapy will be taking over 10 Toes Brewery for its first ever Sunshine Coast event. And with a club name like that, being a member can only be good for you, right?

So, what’s the deal? Basically, four very awesome cheese fanatics—from the Coast and Brisbane—came together a little while ago on a mission to bring international cheeses to the cheese-adoring peeps of Australia. Along with raising the cheese awareness flag (a mighty flag it is), Cheese Therapy co-owners Sam, Darren, Helen, and Amy have set out to “take the wank out of cheese”, and essentially turn cheese makers into rockstars. And rightly so.

Other than hosting epic shindigs, just like the launch event happening in two weeks, Cheese Therapy delivers monthly instalments of cheese—the kind you won’t find on the shelves of just any shop—across Australia. And yep, that includes the Sunny Coast.

Importing huge wheels of the good stuff from far-flung destinations, some weighing up to 27kg, the guys and gals at Cheese Therapy cut the rounds down to individual 200 gram blocks and wedges, and send em’ on out in cheese club packages, straight to the doors of savvy cheese-lovers. Pretty freakin’ sweet, no?

Anyhoo, back to the big launch event, because this is where it all starts for the Coast. For $49, you’ll get to mill around between four cheese-tasting stations—soft, hard, stinky, and blue—and spoil your tastebuds by biting down on eight hard-to-get cheeses from around the world. And because wine makes everything better, each cheese will be matched with a boutique drop that complements the flavour, texture, and all the other hoo-ha that “foodies” could say about cheese. (We just really like the taste. Mmmm…)

Cheese is one of life’s greatest pleasures. We thought about it, and a cheese-less world would be a very sad and sombre place. No camembert to plough into at wine o’clock with the girls, no cheddar to load up your crackers, no blue for… wait, do people actually like the mouldy one? #kidding

As far as we’re aware, this is the first club dedicated to cheese, glorious cheese, on the Sunshine Coast. And we’re pretty damn excited ‘bout it.

Blessed are the cheese makers!

When: 6pm—8pm, Thursday, May 19
Where: 10 Toes Brewery, 127 Sugar Road, Maroochydore
Cost: $49

Image Credit: My Domaine and Recipe Geek

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