Pitchfork’s Pasta In A Parmesan Wheel Is Back This Month!

By Claire Plush
10th Nov 2017

Okay guys, we are not sure we can even handle this news. 

It’s been a food-filled month on all fronts; a 1kg doughnut challenge hit the Coast, we’re still recovering from a Japanese (foodie) Festival, and now, this. 

This November, for the last time in 2017, Pitchfork will be dishing up the most mind-blowing, cheese-worshipping dish we’ve ever laid eyes on—the mighty cheese wheel. 

Essentially, it’s an impressive tradition plucked straight from southern Italy. Known as ‘cacio e pepe’ which translates to ‘pasta and pepper’, this preparation method has long been shared when Italian families gather together, and now you can experience it IRL. Squeal!

Here’s the deal: warmed brandy is set alight and flambéed inside a massive semi-hollowed wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano. As the alcohol burns off, the melted parmesan is scraped away, pasta (cooked al dente) is then added and more cheese is scraped away. This will happen in the kitchen, because safety first, but then the cheese wheel will be wheeled out (yes, wheeled!) straight to your table where you’ll be served the freshest, cheesy pasta you’ve tasted in a long while.

O. M. F. G. Can we all just stop and appreciate the magic that this dish truly is?

The simplest yet most dramatic dish to grace the eastern shores, Wednesday 15 November will be your last chance to enjoy it on the Sunshine Coast this year. Gulp!

So pick up the phone, book a table for you and a date, and you’ll feast on sourdough to start, followed by rocket parmesan salad, then cacio e pepe (the pasta tossed in the Parmesan wheel) and finally housemade Panna cotta, all for a tidy $100 for two people. 

We weren’t kidding when we said we can’t even deal. Amen to glorious food, and the people who keep upping the game on the Coast. 

The Details

When: Wednesday 15 November
Cost: $100 for two people, includes pasta in a wheel, sourdough, rocket and parmesan salad plus dessert
Where: Pitchfork, 4 Kingfisher Drive, Peregian Beach
Book: 07 5471 3697

Image credit: Buffalo Club

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