Adidas Just Announced A Childish Gambino Collab Range

By Sophie Hodges
6th Sep 2018

Okay, so there isn't much info out there for this one yet. It's all very mysterious. But we'll clue you in on what we know so far.

Basically, the news has broken that Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) is about to hit us with an adidas Originals collab.

Earlier this week Glover dropped a surprise video for “Feels Like Summer”, we frothed it (naturally) and it seems to just keep getting better. Throughout the vid, a cartoon Glover walks around his neighbourhood and is just generally his awesome self. When he reaches his house at the end of the video, the screen turns black. We thought that was it. 

But today my friends, the narrative continues with a new commercial for Adidas. Take a look for yourselves.


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We see Glover pull out an Adidas Originals box and slip into some new kicks, which is a pretty badass way of announcing a new collab range. 

Outside of the animation, executed by Greg Sharp and Ivan Dixon, we don’t have many other details, but Adidas has confirmed the new range. They've said it'll be ‘a collaboration without boundaries’. Whatever that means. 

We’ll keep you posted as more details come online. 


A collaboration without boundaries, welcome to the family @ChildishGambino

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More good news, guys. PUMA and Polaroid are dropping a new sneaker range together. What a time to be alive. 

Image credit: Adidas

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