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We Know Where You Can Score A Hot Chocolate Milo Martini This Winter

By Caity Stone
25th Jun 2018

moto noosa

It’s winter, we’re thin-skinned Queenslanders and it’s really, really cold so we’re constantly looking for unique ways to make us toasty warm. 

So, what if we told you we’ve found TWO WINTER cocktails to warm you from the inside out?! Prediction—you’d be super keen. 

Well that’s exactly what the folks over at MOTO have done with the genius introduction of both a Hot Chocolate Milo Martini and a Winter Apple Pie Spiced Rum. 

moto noosa

Just imagine sipping your winter blues away with one of these lovelies. Or both. No judgement here peeps. 

The Hot Chocolate Milo Martini is just like a hot chocolate but slightly cooler. It’s guaranteed to warm your belly through with lashings of spiced rum, vodka, dark chocolate, fragrant vanilla, all topped off with a toasted marshmallow and a dusting of Milo. What more could you possibly ask for? 

Well we were thinking a Winter Apple Pie Spiced Rum bevvy might be our next go-to. ‘Cause who needs dessert this season when you can feast on a winter warmer made with smooth bourbon, spiced rum and a house-made apple and cinnamon syrup. And this heavenly dessert is topped off with toasted cookie crumbs and garnished with a toffee apple. 

moto noosa

So you’d better peel off your tracksuit, kick away those ugg boots and get your butt over to MOTO stat ‘cause these beauties are only a winter treat.

Want more winter warmers? We’ve found out where you can score mulled wine on the Sunshine Coast. What about hot chocolates? We’ve also rounded up the best hot chocolates on the Sunshine Coast here. BTW—MOTO also hosts Japanese night and it's a HIT! 

Image credit: MOTO and Claire Plush for The Urban List 

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