From Uh-oh To Pro | These Are The Coffee Courses You Can Actually Join

By Bronte Holding
24th Jul 2018

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Right, let’s all be honest here. We’ve kinda turned into a society of coffee snobs. We know the difference between a good brew and the average, “let’s not get coffee from there again” variety.

We’ve become super passionate about that sweet smelling, liquid gold that gives us a reason to get out of bed in the morning and pushes us through those never-ending, droopy-eyed afternoons. So why not take this coffee love affair one step further? Why not learn all about exactly what is coming out of that cup of happiness; what makes it taste so darn good; and even how we can make it—all by ourselves??

We are spoilt for choice here on the Sunshine Coast, with a number of rock-star roasteries offering up their training and expertise to turn us into the best baristas we can be—whether it’s just for our own personal interest or in a professional capacity.

Here are some of the best courses YOU can actually join that’ll turn you pro in no time:

The Coffee Training Company 


If you’re looking for some training in the art of epic coffee-making, then it would make sense to turn to The Coffee Training Company. The name really speaks for itself. Whether you’re looking to be a professional barista or you’re just a coffee enthusiast, these guys have you covered. Choose from their range of courses, including espresso fundamentals, latte art,  and advanced barista techniques. Perfect for a group sesh—and how much fun?
Cost: $120 to $290
Where: Sunshine Coast, 2/8 Venture Drive, Noosaville

Padre Noosa 


We’ve got some serious love for Padre Noosa at the moment, and if it were socially acceptable we would just go hang out in their light-filled abode all day long sipping on coffee like it were water. So their Espresso 101 course is really a perfect excuse to over-stay our welcome while learning all about the basics of dosing, grinding, and collapsing; perfecting milk and latte art; and learning all about green bean sourcing and the whole roasting process. Whoa, that’s a lot of info—it’s like a barista course on a triple espresso! They also offer gift vouchers, so it could the winning pressie idea for your best coffee-buddy’s next birthday?
Cost: $150
Where: 10 Eenie Creek Road, Noosaville

Clandestino Roasters 


We all know that Clandestino Roasters don’t mess around when it comes to a good brew (which is why their coffee is so popular and so out of this world!). So it doesn’t surprise us that they’re dominating the barista-course hemisphere, covering every aspect of skilled coffee-making that might interest you, including: an Advanced Barista course; Intro to Espresso Barista course; Home Barista; Latte Art Barista course; and a Filter Brewing Barista course! All their courses run regularly throughout each month and we won’t say no to our take-home bag of Clandestino Roasters Organic House Blend Coffee—worth its weight in gold on its own.
Cost: $140 to $210
Where: Clandestino Roasters, 59 Rene Street, Noosaville

The Colombian Coffee Co. 


Since opening in 2015, The Colombian Coffee Co. has built itself a great rep on the Sunshine Coast as both an artisan roaster and a cosy spot to perk up with some amazing fair trade, Colombian coffee. Having built itself from the ground-up, this little independently run roastery is now eager to share its knowledge with you through their Introduction to Coffee Making course, covering all the basics. If you’re looking for more, they offer private sessions on anything else you might be interested in too, just keep it coffee-related, m’kay?
Cost: $150
Where: 4/20 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba

Montville Coffee 


Montville Coffee offers a bunch of courses to cover you both personally and professionally. Their Espresso and Milk course will set you up with an expert in the field of espresso, milk-texturing, latte-art, and more. And their Alternative Brewing course is super interesting! They look at everything from the cold-drip to the Hario V60 Pour Over, and also offer a Sensory Analysis—Bush To Cup course where you’ll get your coffee ch’i in order with a cupping ceremony and learn all about origin, roasting, and fair trade. Sounds awesome, huh?
Cost: From $195
Where: 20 Balmoral Road, Montville

Mambo Coffee 


If you’re looking for a barista course that’s dosed up with full amounts of love and passion, then check out the group classes at Mambo Coffee. Mambo (meaning “what’s up?” in Swahili) know exactly what’s up when it comes to training; meeting the Barista Championship Standards and guidelines set out by the Australian Specialty Coffee Association. Sounds like serious business! But also just as suitable for the aspiring home barista as it would be for the wanna-be pro. They offer group classes as well as private lessons, and if you have the right machine they may even pay you a visit at home! So, give ‘em a holla and say Mambo! (Go on say it—it’s one of them fun words.)
Cost: From $150
Where: Shop 2, 100 Sugar Road Maroochydore

Image credit: The Urban List 

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