Break Out The Wheat Bags, An Antarctic Cold Snap Is On Its Way To The Sunshine Coast

By Jessica Pridmore
9th May 2018


There’s no denying it now, Sunshine Coasters; summer has well and truly done its dash. In news that will rock you to your singlet-covered core (considering that it’s currently 27 and sunny RN), wild weather from the Antarctic is in this very moment on its way up the coast—and the forecast is looking pretty chilly.

The Bureau of Meteorology expect temps to plummet to as low as 9 degrees—7 degrees in Montville the poor buggers—in Maroochydore and Noosa, as a huge Antarctic low blows its way right up the east coast.

Sunshine Coast’s overnight low in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday morning will be the coldest in over 40 years, so (if you haven’t already) break out the winter woollies and get snuggly!

There’s only one thing to do; call off your plans, make yourself a hot choccie and wait it out until some semblance of the sub-tropics returns…

Seriously, if you're after a great hot chocolate on the Sunshine Coast we got you covered.

Image credit: The Day After Tomorrow

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