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Coles Is Selling Cheese And Vegemite Sausages

By Anna Franklyn
17th Jan 2018

It's been a big six months for Vegemite, with their questionable icy poles launching last December, cheese and Vegemite pies landing in Australia last July and a Vegemite burger popping up in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney just today, and it looks like Coles wants in on the Vegemite action.

Coles has released their lamb, cheese and Vegemite sausages which are, according to packaging, perfect for Australia Day—well played Coles, well played. These babies are made from 100% Aussie lamb and a good dose of Vegemite, because who doesn't want their sausages with a little added yeast?!

In all seriousness though, we already know cheese and Vegemite is one of the best flavour combos to grace the planet, so we reckon we might give these a try.

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Image credit: Vincent Brown

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