Coming Soon | Brouhaha Brewery

By Claire Plush
12th May 2016

Pssst… have you heard the whispers? There’s a brand-spanking new brewery set to open on the Sunshine Coast and you’ll never guess where…

Don’t sweat, we’re going to spill the beans, ‘cause that’s what we’re good at, but more so, we just can’t help it. Call it a fault, a quirk, a not-so-great trait, but someone’s got to share the underground secrets of the East, and it’s us.

So, on that note, turn your eyes to the hills, people, because Maleny is about to blow your thongs off with Brouhaha Brewery—a new beer-makin’ joint and restaurant, that’s as polished as it is inviting.

With a definition meaning “a noisy and overexcited reaction to something”, Brouhaha is getting exactly that kind of response from us here at Metropolist HQ.

Still a few weeks off opening, we got the inside scoop from head brewer and co-owner Matt about what we can expect from a spot that’s bound to become one of the hottest Sunshine Coast Hinterland destinations.

Created by four mates—Matt Jancauskas, Jeff Bess, Dave Lough, and Julian Leigh—with a shared passion for beer, Brouhaha has gone from dream to reality in almost six months. Pretty impressive considering most breweries can take anywhere from 12 to 18 months to get up and running.

Occupying what once was a medical suite, the guys have stripped any semblance of what the space used to be in exchange for a super refined, industrial-style fit out. Polished concrete floors, a wall lined with stainless steel tanks housing the beer, copper pendant lights, and matte black wire planter boxes suspended over bar tables, are all stand-out features of this epic renovation. But despite the industrial vibes this brewery oozes, it’s far from clinical. Balanced by warm timber accents and a huge 100-metre-square deck with stunning hinterland vistas, Maleny has got its stamp all over Brouhaha.

We chat to Matt when the painters are just about finished. Next step, the clean up and then kitting out the space with furniture and fine-tuning the menu—which is going to look a lot like fancy pub fare without the pretentiousness or price tag; think: tasty steaks and calamari. Or, if bar food is your weakness, olives and nuts will be able to be purchased by the scoop.

Eventually there’ll be 10 beers on offer, all different varieties. But to start with, this experimental brewery will be opening with four tasty brews—a blonde ale which we’re told is the perfect intro to craft beer for the craft virgins, an American pale ale, and a big batch of saison that has been split in half, and then infused with fresh raspberries for a tart flavour, or dry hops, resulting in a more citrusy brew.

Brouhaha won’t be selling cans or bottles of their beer just yet, but will be starting with “growlers”, a concept we didn’t know about. Basically it’s a thermos-looking jug that patrons buy, and then bring in to be filled with beer straight off the taps. Can’t get much fresher than that, can ya?

Now the question you’re all wanting answered… when is the insanely good-looking Brouhaha Brewery opening to the public? Well that, my friends, is still inconclusive. But the Brouhaha crew are hinting that we should be pencilling it in our calendars for late May. If you want to stay in the loop, keep your eyes planted on Metropolist, as we’ll be breaking the news as soon as it happens.

Image Credit: The Urban List

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