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Opening Soon In Noosa | Moto

By Claire Plush
25th Jul 2016

For anyone who has even a slight interest in either custom café racers, craft beer, smooth coffee, or fresh food, listen up!

Your people are about to open your kind of place, and we think it’s our duty to get in early and tell you all about it.

With an August-ish opening date, Moto will be a café slash café racer motorcycle showroom slash bar in Noosa Junction. And we can pretty much vouch already, that it’s going to be seriously epic. I mean, with such an exciting mix of want-in-your-life ingredients, how could it not be?!

Steering the handlebars of this new establishment are Kristy Weller and Dave Cruces. Their combined backgrounds of setting up motorcycle shops in Indo, marketing and PR, and running a pop-up restaurant in Singapore, make them possibly the most equipped pair ever to open what’s bound to become a local fave.

So, what can you expect? Might be easier to tell you what not to expect. It’s not going to be like everywhere else, the menu isn’t going to be 20 pages long, and the bikes on offer won’t be the run-of-the-mill type.

But you want to know more, don’t you? Well, first up, this space is going to feature a stunning showroom displaying a custom-made café racer motorcycle collection made from vintage and brand new models, that you can oogle at, dream about, and even buy if you’ve got the dosh. We can already picture these babies replacing the scooters at the points.

If Kristy and Dave stopped there, we’d totally understand. Hell, it’d be epic anyways. But they’ve gone beyond, and literally catered to the life dilemma called “hunger” with a deliciously simple menu starring fresh, local produce.

For those who need fuel in liquid form, Moto will be serving up their very own Indonesian-bean coffee blend, made in collaboration with the guys at Noosa coffee maestros, Clandestino. And, come the PMs, you’ll be able to knock back a schooner of craft beer straight from one of the four rotating taps. We’ve heard whispers that our mates at Brouhaha Brewery are set to feature.

Housed in a totally renovated space, complete with a shipping container—wait ‘til you see what they’ve done with it—keep your eyes on Metropolist, because as soon as it’s all systems go for Moto, will be letting you know!

Consider this the beginning of the final countdown. Bring on August!

Image Credit: Sol Invictus

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