We Check Out | Decisions Cafe

By Claire Plush
18th Jul 2016

Maybe you’ve already been, maybe you’ve been admiring from afar, but Decisions Café in Birtinya has hardly been flying under the Sunshine Coast cafe radar.

Our first encounter happened a couple of months ago, and it kills us to say it, but it was because they harped that they were laptop–friendly with charging points (give me a hallelujah!), which for Wi-Fi dependant nerds like us is a rarity on the Coast. But these guys, they knew (or guessed), that even if peeps were to rock up with a laptop in hand for a couple of hours of heads down, bums up-time, that it’d be impossible to resist the cabinets stacked with treats, or the delicious dishes whisked out of the kitchen and onto tables nearby. And how right they were!

We sipped on coffees before dipping our toes into the Decisions food pool with the smashed avocado topped with marinated feta, lime and micro herbs. Divine!

Fast-forward to this week, and we’re back at Decisions. But this time, we’re work-free and deep in the hunger zone (possibly on the h-angry side, but it depends on who you ask). There’s no dipping this time, we’re ready to take the plunge. We slide up to a table and pour over the menu options, with the pressure of possible food envy resting heavily on our minds. Decisions, decisions.

We slide up to a table and pour over the menu options, with the pressure of possible food envy resting heavily on our minds.

Kind of like Santa’s naughty or nice list, Decisions Café splits its menu between #Superfood and #Superjunk. Designed to satisfy most people, and their healthy or not-so-healthy habits, there’s everything—from bircher muesli and smoothies, to indulgent B’Fast Burritos, Loaded Fries (with beef brisket and American 3 Cheeses), and injectable muffins totally worth a #foodporn tag on offer. It isn’t easy to make the call, so we go somewhere in the middle and order a Coconut Chia Pudding—made up of homemade granola and seasonal fruit—and the Eggs Benny with ham off the bone, ‘cause what’s a Sunday brekkie without eggs!? Verdict = 15 out of 10. ‘Nuff said!

Beyond the food, the Decisions interior is a stunning blend of concrete, copper, brick, white tiles and pendant lights. Huge communal tables are at the ready for recovery brekkies with friends, or if you’re on your lonesome they’ll provide the perfect opportunity to strike up a casual convo. Can you pass me the salt, please?

Well worth dallying off Nicklin Way to find, add Sunshine Coast café, Decisions to your weekend hit list. It’ll be the one of the best decisions you make all week! (Sorry, couldn’t help it.)

Where: Shop 4, 10 Capital Place, Birtinya

Image Credit: Daniel Hine for Metropolist

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