Fun Fitness Classes For People Who Hate Fitness

By Fiona Willett
4th Jun 2016

Is your Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred DVD getting a little monotonous? Still paying for that Jett’s membership you know you’ll never use?

We all know that guilty-in-the-gut feeling of having to explain to our work mates we actually love working out—we just never have time to get through the gym doors.

Truth be known, we’re not all born to wear Lycra for the 5.30am spin class with a bunch of sweaty strangers—and that’s okay. So, here’s our hit list of fun Sunshine Coast fitness classes for people who hate fitness.


Okay, so the word “exercise” is in the title, but it’s nothing like it sounds. Have you seen Christina Aguilera’s 2010 hit movie “Burlesque”? It’s much more like that (think:sexy dance moves, awesome soundtracks, and tiny shorts) but without the terrible acting. BurleXercise is a dance slash core strength building class will have you hooked and toned in no time!

Hula Hooping

Does it get any cooler than professional hula hooping? Hula hooping is the ultimate exercise for the free spirit looking to tone that tum and gain a new party trick at the same time. Your Sunshine’s Hoop Love teacher, Jessie Cavell is practically the Tiger Woods of the hooping community with over eight years experience and a tonne of happy, fit student hoopers under her belt. The next hooping course for beginners kicks off on June 8, so if you’re looking to shed a few kilos while having a shitload of fun then what are you waiting for? This could be your match made in exercise heaven.

Booty Barre

This trendy arse-kickin’ activity has somehow trickled down from the likes of the Kardashians and onto the streets of Maroochydore. Booty Barre is a wild combo of yoga, Pilates, dance, and a big ol’ wooden bar to squat and lean on (perfect if your balance is a little out of tune). Expect to use dumbbells, weighted balls, and muscles in your arse you never even knew existed.

Absolute Aerials

If a bit of Cirque du Soleil-style bum-toning action sounds more like your cup of tea, we’ve found the class for you. Satisfy your desire to run away with the circus at Absolute Aerials Circus School in Coolum Beach. Ever noticed how acrobat guys and gals are like the hottest people ever? With the focus on core chiselling twirls and upper body strength, you’ll be buff before you know it.

Pole Dancing

This one’s a conversation starter for Sunday lunch with Nanna. Pole dancing is nowhere near as easy as it looks and will put you in more (good) pain than you could imagine. But it’ll boost your confidence and strength, and there’s a good chance you’ll even make a few new friends along the way. Keen? Hit a lesson or sign up to a course at The Pole Gym in Maroochydore.

Hip Hop Dance Classes

Step up your fitness level with a casual class at the Coast’s home of funky dancing, the House of Sole. Hip hop dancing is more than just MC Hammer pants and Nike kicks—Sole’s awesome choreographers will have you busting a move and breaking a sweat like never before. Be careful—it’s addictive.

Roller Derby

Roller derby is not for the faint-hearted but is right up the alley of thrill seekers with a natural athletic streak. The all-women champion Coastal Assassins Roller Derby team invites newcomers to come and compete in a regular, full-contact throw down with a rival team, as long as they’ve got what it takes to get feisty in this extremely competitive (but extremely trimming) sport.

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