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What You Need To Know About An Incredible New Glamping Ground Coming To The Coast

By Caity Stone
14th Nov 2018

Glasshouse Glamping

Glamping, like Paris, is always a good idea. Reconnecting with nature, sleeping out under the stars and arriving on site to a neatly pre-made bed. Gone are the days where we are forced to suffer through impossibly uncomfortable camping trips filled with temperamental air-mattresses, odious mozzie coils and the horrors of pitching your tent in the sweltering summer heat, only to realise you’ve misplaced your pegs. 

We like to think of glamping as aspirational camping for discerning grown-ups. It’s the perfect mix of embracing the outdoors while still living your best life with subtle touches of luxury. So, when we found out a new mega glamping ground was opening on the Sunshine Coast, we were all kinds of excited. You see, on the Coast, glamping is something we love. It’s something we take seriously. We take it almost as seriously as our coffee, and that’s saying something. 

And the best part is the new 46-acre glamping ground is located down at the southern end of the Coast. At the bottom of the Glasshouse mountains to be exact. And you can’t get a more spectacular location than that on the Coast. 

Let us introduce you to Glasshouse Glamping, an absolute glamping game-changer for not only the Coast, but for South-East Queensland! Why is it game-changer you might ask? Well, let us enlighten you. 

glasshouse glamping

Each glamping tent will have its own kitchenette, BBQ, spacious deck, king size bed and will be AIR-CONDITIONED. We can now say laters to sleepless summer nights and say hello to perfectly chilled 5 star luxury. But if we had to name one feature we were most excited about it would have to be the plunge pool. Yes, you did read that correctly. PLUNGE POOL. At Glasshouse Glamping each tent will have their very own private use plunge pool. This is a first not only for the Sunshine Coast, but also South East Queensland. 

Another winning idea the owners have introduced is each tent will also feature their very own ensuite. Let’s take this moment to wave a happy goodbye to uncomfortable midnight dashes to the nearest bush. The property also features a creek (where platypus have been known to frequent), a farm house (where baking classes will be happening) and a dam (hello impromptu swim). It’s only minutes from some of the best hiking on the Coast too. What more could you possibly want? 

So yeah, you can easily see why we would call this place a game-changer. When does this Shangri-La open you might ask? Well, while we don’t have an exact date yet, we’ve got it on good authority that 2019 is when Glasshouse Glamping will finally fling its doors open. Until then you can follow Glasshouse Glamping here to get all the latest updates. 

2019 is set to be a huge year on the Sunshine Coast, and the opening of Glasshouse Glamping is set to be a highlight for our stunning region. 

Can’t wait till then? Itching to get glamping now? Why not check out Habitat Noosa while you wait. 

Image credit: WILDfest and Unsplash 

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