Going Loco For Coco Loco Club

By Claire Plush
28th Jan 2016

In the scheme of things, there’s not many things better than cool cafes with cool names that are fun to say.

Some may say small things amuse small minds, we prefer to think that we’re just all about the details. Much like the folk at five-week-old Moffat Beach smoothie and juice bar, Coco Loco Club. (Go on, say it, we know you want to.)

Tucked along Roderick Street, Coco Loco Club is hard to miss. It’s bright, light, and white packed with hanging indoor plants, brightly painted timber furniture, concrete floors that make the “interior designer” in us swoon, and all ‘round happy vibes. Seriously, the goodness shines outta this place!

Opening at the tail end of December, Moffat Beach’s newest addition is the tropical lovechild of Em and Dave Bundellu. Garnering an instant following with a simple but impressive menu, friendly faces manning the counter, and a breezy and welcoming space.

We rock in on a weekday, and head straight for the white-painted bamboo-pitched counter where we contemplate the handwritten menu on the wall. Offering freshly made juices, smoothies and bowls, Coco Loco is the epitome of the healthy coastal lifestyle the Sunshine Coast is renowned for.

As always we get the lowdown on the local faves, so we can point you in the best direction. What did we find? If you’re juicin’ it up on a sticky summer’s day, you’d be a fool to go past the Xanthe—apple, pineapple, lime, and mint—and no, we can’t pronounce it.

If you’re cruisin’ for a smoothie, you gotta get Fresh Prince (we can vouch for this sexy beast)—pineapple, apple, kale, ginger, mint, lime, and coconut water—or Going Troppo—mango, banana, pineapple, passionfruit, coconut water, and honey. But, if you choose your smoothie like you do your horses on race day, aka by name, then realistically it’d be hard to overlook Halle Berry; a whizzed-up smoothie made up of all dem berries, banana, apple juice, coconut water, and natural yoghurt.

Crying of hunger pains, wuss, then skip the drinks and target the acai bowls topped with granola, seasonal fruits, coconut flakes, and honey. Just as good is the frozen yoghurt or the sweet cabinet slices that are vegan AND paleo AND god-damn tasty. There’s no way humanely possible you could feel guilty about the 3pm pick me up at Coco Loco.

Why else are we loving this place? Well, there’s two walls of floor to ceiling glass windows meaning this place is seriously lit up with natural light, which for freaks like us is something we fall for.

On another wall, hanging next to surfboards and an eclectic mix of want-to-buy-but-not-sure-if-we-can art pieces, is the Coco Loco Club apparel range. We’re talking high-quality AS Colour t-shirts (c’mon, we all know a dude who is super loyal to the cuts of AS tees), planted with the Coco Loco Club logo, as well as totes perfect for the beach mish or market trawl.

Just when we think it can’t get any better, nicer, friendlier, we find out that this happy hub is donating five bucks from every shirt sale to the not-for-profit organisation R U OK? Now that’s what we call giving back.

If it’s been a while since you’ve visited Moffs, Coco Loco Club is the only sign you need to get your butt to the little pocket of the Coast everybody has a soft spot for. What are you waiting for?

Where: 3 Roderick Street, Moffat Beach

Image Credit: Daniel Hine for Metropolist

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