Guys, We Could Be Getting Direct Flights To Asia From The Sunshine Coast!

By Claire Plush
27th Jul 2016

Guys, if the whispers are true, budget airline Scoot are currently in talks with the Sunshine Coast Airport about flying directly from our sandy shoreline to Asia. Wowza!

Can you imagine? No more having to hit the Bruce (and the traffic and the prangs) to jump on a plane to Thailand? No more leaving the house at 3am for an 8am flight, because you’re worried about traffic or encountering one (or four) of the inevitable prangs that haunt the highway between here and Brisbane? And don’t even get us started on the Gold Coast missions we do, just to score even cheaper flights.

Basically, we’re going to get hours of our lives back. Which means more time for coffee hangs and a long lazy brekkie before checking in your suitcase full of togs and sarongs. Is there a better way to start a holiday? We think not.

Okay, so it’s not confirmed yet—there’s still proposals etc. that need to be submitted—but we’re not sticklers for a straight yes or no—the fun is in the in-between. Am I right?

So, instead of getting caught up on details, just picture yourself on the beach at Mudjimba, then the Philippines, shopping down Hastings Street then hitting up Orchard Road in Singapore, cruising the Blackall Range then exploring the lushness of Japan’s mountains. Gah, we’re getting butterflies just thinking about it. Could it really be true?

There is a catch, whatever will be, won’t be until the new Sunshine Coast Airport runway is completed in 2020, because Scoot’s aircraft are just too dang big. But, guys, that’s only like three and a half years, which if you think of that annoying kid next door with the potato gun who, just yesterday, was a cute screaming newborn, time flies.

Now the big question. Where do we store this kind of excitement? In our savings account, perhaps? We want to be ready to scoop up whatever Scoot puts down when the time rolls around. Because this just HAS to happen! Capeesh?

Image Credit: Conde Nast Traveler

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