28 Of The Hardest Things About Being Single On The Sunshine Coast

By Sophie Wright
19th Nov 2017

Being single on the Sunny Coast is a pretty sweet deal. You can live the beach bum life, head for the hills, dine your way around the Coast or order UberEATS direct to your bed—and there’s nobody standing in your way, except you!

While there are plenty of reasons to embrace the single life, the downsides are also very real. So please, spare a thought for the single guys and gals out there who have, without a doubt, faced their fair share of these problems. 

Here are some of the hardest things about being single on the Sunshine Coast. 

  1. You can’t meet someone on the Coast without being already connected in some way. It’s big, but not that big. 
  2. Finding someone you click with, and then finding out they live in Maleny and you live in Peregian. Ugh.  
  3. When you feel like you have to justify going to a cafe solo…so you take your laptop and ‘work’.  
  4. When the barista at your fave cafe asks you how your date went last week, and you have to tell them that yet again, it was a fail. 
  5. Coming to accept the fact that you don’t actually need the love of another human to live a fulfilled and happy life—all you need is a pet! Preferably a doggo. 
  6. Going for a sunset walk through the Noosa National Park and feeling the eyes of 20 million couples on picnics. 
  7. Spending all your money on smashed avo because you need any excuse to socialise. 
  8. Cooking for one just sucks, so you cook four portions, but end up eating three in one sitting. Every night. 
  9. Pasta, wine and Netflix in bed sounds delightful in theory, but when you’ve got no-one to top up your vino for you, it’s less than ideal.  
  10. Seeing someone you used to go to school with on Tinder and feeling obliged to swipe right…and not finding any other matches.  
  11. Man, word spreads fast—when you hook up with someone on Ocean Street and your friend who lives in the mines hears about it before you’ve even had time to remember their name. 
  12. When you’re on a date somewhere along Mooloolaba Esplanade and you run into Nancy, your next door neighbour from when you were 10 years old.  
  13. Being more emotionally invested in the bartenders at your local watering hole than anyone else. 
  14. Having to fend off unwanted attention at the bar, but then not having the balls to approach the person you do want attention from. 
  15. Having nobody to pick you up when you’ve had a few too many cocktails at Miss Moneypenny’s. Instead, your taxi driver asks why you’re going home alone. Ranjeet, if I knew the answer to that question, we wouldn’t be here now, would we?
  16. The silent judgment from your driver in your Uber of shame in the early hours of Sunday morning.  
  17. When you start to feel like all your friends shacked up so they didn’t have to hang with you anymore. 
  18. Having IKEA just down the highway is fun. Having to set up IKEA furniture on your own is not fun. 
  19. It’s flipping annoying having nobody to jump out and pick up the takeaway while you do blockies and have a karaoke party with yourself. 
  20. When your local takeaway joint knows your order and you don’t have the heart to let them know that you actually don’t need that second set of cutlery, because it’s all yours.  
  21. Having nobody to help you get in to your place when you’re fumbling for the keys.
  22. Being the ninth wheel at the end of the dinner table. Not awkward at all. 
  23. Scenario: You duck into the supermarket to buy one thing. You’ve either just come from the gym, just woken up or are hungover AF—either way, you’re not feeling or looking your freshest. You’re sure nobody will see you as it’s super early/late. WRONG. Everyone you’ve dated in the last 12 months is also there. Brilliant. 
  24. When your couple friends tell you to ‘enjoy being single’ and that ‘you’ll meet someone soon’. Thanks for the pep talk, guys…
  25. Hosting Christmas or Easter at your place and your aunties, cousins and grandparents all separately ask you why you haven’t met someone and settled down yet. Can confirm it does not get any less painful each time. 
  26. Hearing about everyone’s romantic summer/winter vacays and wanting to vom.  
  27. Meeting people who seem normal and then start to talk about their pet rats. 
  28. Watching romantic comedies about summer romances and wondering where the hell yours is at. 

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