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The Doughnut Burger Is A Thing. And It’s Glorious.

By Claire Plush
24th Feb 2016

Now this is what we call breaking, our-lives-are-about-to-change-forever, news.

When two great things come together, magic happens. Or in this case, when a doughnut meets a burger there’s serious fireworks, and the ultimate lovechild is born—the doughnut burger!

Burger pros Hello Harry have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to create their first ever epic dessert burger, and now…are you ready for this… Fat Harry (the doughnut burger, duh!) has arrived. Meaning YOU can TRY it!

There’s nothing normal about Fat Harry. I mean, what’s normal about taking a Donut Boyz maple-glazed doughnut, cutting it in half, and then cramming the space in between with juicy Wagyu beef, American cheese (the yellower, the better), mayo, tomato jam, and mustard pickles? Not one damn thing! Oh, and if it makes you drool a little more, the doughnuts are glazed to order. Oh yeah!

The flavours are insane; like nothing you’ll have ever tasted before. And the mind-blow, well, that’ll continue long after you’ve taken the last bite, because this is a doughnut who thinks it’s a burger bun, and that’s freakin’ cool. Kinda like the cat who thinks it’s a dog, but wayyy better for obvious reasons (ummmm…you can eat it).

Like all BIG things to happen on the Coast, we’ve no doubt you want in on it. But you better make it snappy, ‘cause Fat Harry is only available for TWO WEEKS—it’s a house special.

Available at Hello Harry in Maroochydore and Caloundra, if you want to try the newbie that’s giving the best burgers on the Sunshine Coast some stiff competition, don’t think twice. Just do it!

Image Credit: Hello Harry

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