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There’s An Epic New Brewery Coming To Noosa This Summer!

By Trixie Hillen
22nd Nov 2017

Too much ain’t enough of a good thing, baby. Even though the Sunshine Coast has seen new breweries popping up all over the place for the last year or two, we were stoked to hear that one of our favourite beer brands is going full Monty and opening a commercial brewery, bar and restaurant REALLY soon. 

Tipped to be the first big opening of 2018, Land & Sea Brewery is kicking off in early- to mid-January, once they’ve brewed up enough golden ale to quench the thirst of the sun-drenched, sandy hordes (that’s you guys, btw).

And, being the lucky boozehounds that we are, we got a sneak peek of this epic new spot in its early stages. The uber-industrial space tucked away down the back of Venture Drive (kinda near Scumbags Barber) will actually be a working brewery, with four-metre high imported stainless steel fermenters in pride of place, churning out commercial quantities of our fave brews. 

And when we say they’re brewing beer, we mean they’re SERIOUSLY brewing beer. From milling their own grain, right through to fermenting, carbonating and canning all their own beers, Head Brewer Shane (aka ‘The Wizard’) will be supervising every step of the process. 

Land & Sea’s signature Noosa drop, the Coastie Common—an easy drinking, malty lager/ale hybrid is spot on for when you’ve had a hot day at the beach—but they’re also going to be covering the spectrum of beers, from pale ale to black lager, Kolsch and a good mid-strength. We even heard that a cider might be on the cards down the track. 

Tim Crabtree is the brains behind the operation—a former Brit who has been on the Coast for a decade after falling in love with Noosa, the surf and the lifestyle. (I mean, who wouldn’t?) And after years of surfing, brewing beer seemed like the next logical step. So Tim’s bringing his background as a product designer to this project, and is planning to build the style of Land & Sea around the classic Noosa feel and responding to what the locals are after. 

The space will have an ultra-flexible layout so that regulars can stop by for a quick drink, or bigger events can happen. The classic bar and dining area has an indoor/outdoor fireplace, so you’ll be snug when you’re watching the game in the whole two weeks of winter we have on the Coast, and the bi-fold doors will open right up for the rest of the year. The tropical beer garden will be perfect for kicking back with some bar snacks with mates, and if you’re up for something a bit bigger, the space will also have room for functions and parties, and there will be regular food trucks and facilities for private catering if that’s your jam. We can probably expect to see some local, live music and the massive outdoor carpark might be just perfect for a Noosa craft beer festival #justsayin…

If you’re not up for a few chilled ales in the beer garden (and if not, who even ARE you?) Land & Sea will have a licence for takeout beers too. You can grab a six-pack if you’re heading out, but we’re keen to try the refillable 2-litre glass ‘growlers’ which you can fill at the bar with whatever foamy ale tickles your fancy. 

The brewing equipment is arriving in December, which gives the crew a bit of time to brew up a storm, and they’re planning for a summer launch in January, but if you absolutely can’t wait that long, check out their Insta @landandseabrewery, pick up some merch, then satisfy your thirst at these local Sunshine Coast venues and bottleshops that already stock Land and Sea beer. 

Already know you're going to be spending the tailend of summer at this yet-to-be-opened gem? Then how about tackling this list of the best breweries on the Sunshine Coast while you wait. 

Image credit: Michelle Jarni 

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