Heck Yes! This Awesome Start-up Wants To Do Your Dirty Laundry

By Claire Plush
4th Aug 2016

Okay, let’s get real. There’s one chore everybody hates. Actually, let me rephrase that—there’s a heap of chores everybody hates, but there’s one really, really shitty one.

Doing laundry.

Ptfff! Find me someone who enjoys piling dirty clothes in to a washing machine, making sure they’re evenly spaced around the middle thingy (#toploaderlife), so it doesn’t sound like a bomb is exploding when it hits spin cycle, and I’ll show you a) a liar, or b) someone we’re not friends with (yet).

And while we’re at it, let’s not forget the fun of separating colours from whites, if anyone actually still does that. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the pain in the arse that is waiting for the washing to finish so you can hang it out, to then be able to get off house arrest. And then come home after a crappy day at work to remove said clothes from the line, all chilly and frosty, because, winter.

Humph! See—washing = the devil. But where there’s a problem, there’s always an opportunity for a nifty little business to step in and solve it. And very, very soon there’s going to be a solution to our washing woes. TF.

Sunshine Coast start-up Lifestyle Laundry is about to be launched, and, to put it lightly, it could change your life for the (waaaaay) better. If you let it.

The local pair behind this clever concept have put up their hands to do YOUR washing to save YOU time. Less time spent washing, means more time spent life-ing, and we’re totally down with that.

Here’s how it’ll work. You wear your clothes, you dirty them. Then, Lifestyle Laundry come and pick them up from your home, wash them, dry them, and return them all neatly folded back to your home within 24 hours. Holy smokes, people, we think we’ve just found the ultimate birthday gift. Seriously. No washing for a year? Hells yes!

Obviously this probs isn’t going to work for those who are a bit “sensitive” about who sees slash handles their dirty threads, but you can always hold on to your knickers and sweaty activewear for a one-off wash at home. Instead, think of Lifestyle Laundry as a complement to your already busy life. You can still fill in the gaps, but they’ll do the brunt. And when the “brunt” is “laundry”, well, we’d never, ever say no to that.

So, here’s the deets. Kicking off on the Sunshine Coast to begin with, Lifestyle Laundry will service those areas within 15 minutes around Buderim, Caloundra, Coolum, and Noosa to begin with. There’s a minimum pricing call out of 35 bucks and that’ll secure 3kg of clean-as clothes. For every kilo on top of that, it’ll only cost you $6.75.

So, here’s the big question, what is your time worth to you? Sure, this is gonna cost you, but if it means you spend the WHOLE day exploring the Coast, hiking mountains, or cruising up to DI, then we reckon you’ve lost nothing, but GAINED everything. Plus, a basket of clean clothes when you get home. See where we’re going with this? I mean, how many businesses have their motto is “don’t let your life wash away”? Not many. If any.

With a rough launch date of early September, you don’t have to wait that much longer for your life to change forever. To stay in the loop and make sure you don’t do a week more washing than you need to, go give ‘em a big thumbs up on Facebook. Tell ‘em we sent you!

Image Credit: Style Not Trend

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