Move Over Acai, Pitaya Is Here

By Desta Cullen
28th Mar 2016

Acai, don’t get us wrong: we love you. We’ve had a good run together; countless bowls, smoothies, healthy snacks, and you’re still the best little Amazonian superberry going ‘round.

But you have to scootch over a bit and let our new friend pitaya (aka dragonfruit) in to play, too.

We’ve got dragonfruit fever and we want its vibrant pink, super-foodie goodness blended into our smoothie bowls, STAT!

Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, as well as calcium, magnesium, and protein hiding in its little chia-like seeds, the pitaya is a fibrous, low-cal, picture perfect food to love.

In honour of our new found crush, we’ve tasted our way through the Sunshine Coast’s best pitaya bowls. We pitaya the fool that doesn’t try these. *wink

CK Wholefoods

Serving up some of the best breakfasts in Mooloolaba, CK Wholefoods are pumping out pink pitaya bowls that are both delish and almost too pretty to eat. But eat them we shall; these bad boys are sprinkled with all manner of delights like coco flakes, super seeds, and fresh fruit.

Depot Cafe

The Depot crew know how to float our boat, and they’ve already got our vote for one of the best acai bowls on the Sunshine Coast, so why not pitaya too? Their raw pink pitaya bowl is an eye-popping shade of pink, topped with a colourful crown of granola, banana, strawberries, and coconut. Everything is served all-day so you can even have a sleep in and still get your smoothie bowl fix whenever the hankering hits.

Melon Head Juice Bar

Pitaya? Check. Fresh fruit, coconut and granola? Check. Served in a coconut bowl? You betcha! Melon Head Juice Bar go full tilt at the whole tropical vibes thing with their version of a pitaya bowl and it does not miss the mark. Whether you’re feeling a little washed ashore after a big night or skipping your way to work, make Melon Head your go-to.

Glass Coffee House & Surf Gallery

Purveyors of one of Sunshine Coast’s best acai bowls, and plenty of other fresh and tasty eats, Glass also serves up a 100% raw and sugar-free pitaya bowl worth hunting down. Glass is also home to some of the best coffee in Maroochydore, if you can’t go without your morning cup of joe.

Noosa Juicer

All things juice, smoothie, and pretty blended things is the name of the game for Noosa Juicer, nestled in the heart of Hastings Street. We reckon the top option should always be the pitaya bowl but the Noosa Juicer team also whip up other scrumptious flavours including acai, cacao, and espresso bowls.


Here at Metropolist, we are suckers for a clean eating cafe that not only nails the eating part but gets us right in our Insta-loving hearts. Ak-tiv’s Instagram feed is a masterclass in nailing swoonworthy #foodporn shots, but it’s their use of pink pitaya that has us beating down their doors. Whizzing up smoothies and bowls (try the Pitaya and Passion smoothie or the Blooming Pink Bowl) from this wonder fruit, Ak-tiv also offer Pineapple and Pink Dragonfruit icy poles by one of our local loves, Frozen Sunshine.

Acai Brothers Mooloolaba

The ever-shirtless Acai Bros love their Amazon berry to bits but that hasn’t stopped them from having a serious fling with pitaya. Word on the street (well, Instagram) is that they’ll soon be releasing a pitaya version of the much coveted acai bowls and Mooloolaba locals will be tripping over themselves to get their hands on the pink stuff.

Image Credit: Daniel Hine for Metropolist

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