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The Sunny Coast Food Trucks We Can’t Get Enough Of!

By Claire Plush
27th Oct 2016

Okay, let’s be real here, what could possibly be better than a food truck? It’s a restaurant that comes to you!

If it involves food (or drinks), and it’s mobile, we’re so there. And with the local food truck scene’s popularity skyrocketing, it’s no surprise so many newbies have popped up recently.

We thought we’d weigh in, with four of the best food trucks on the Sunshine Coast that we’re totally crushing on right now.

The Vintage Wilson Pop-Up Bar

Oh Wilson, you little beast of a van. Sticking to a neutral palette of white, grey, and timber, this vintage pop-up bar is sleek, single, and ready to mingle. Decked out with large serving windows, plenty of bar fridges, and awesome retro pendant lights, Wilson is full of character and available to hire for any events or private functions. Just imagine your guests’ faces when they rock up to your wedding and are poured cocktails out of this baby. #weddingoftheyear

Hanalei Trading Co.

We may as well come out and say it straight like it is: we love, as in love, this mobile bar and coffee caravan. Custom-made with a tropical island-vibe that totally suits the Sunshine Coast, Hanalei is the creation of two high-school sweethearts, Paul and Sarah. Nawww! When they’re not pouring cocktails at exclusive events (yep, you can get these guys on your big b’day bash), the van sets up shop at the hall on Dixon Road in Buderim keeping the locals caffeinated. Want to know more? Check out this gorgeous short film on Hanalei. Makes us want to be sipping a brew there, right now.

Something For Catering

What makes Something For Catering different to most food trucks is the innovative and seasonal dishes that are created inside. Run by the folk behind Gainsbourg, this van is a kitchen and a bar, that looks as good as their food and drinks taste. Not one to miss out on the fun, these guys have been known to pop up at local music festivals, weddings, and private parties. It’s personalised, it’s memorable, and it’s pretty freakin’ special. Hats off to you, Something For Catering.

The Jam Factory

Because everywhere should have a doughnut food truck doing the rounds, The Jam Factory pops up at a bunch of markets across the Coast. From Nights on Ocean to Yandina Farmers’ Market, if the thought of hot, hand-crafted buttermilk doughnuts has you losing your cool, you’d best be following their Facebook page to keep tabs on this roving van. Our fave? If we’ve had our fix of a simple cinnamon doughnut the week before, then we’ve been known to back it up with the raspberry and white chocolate-filled doughnut. Ermahgawd!

Like your food delivered on wheels? We’ve rounded up five more of the best food trucks on the Sunshine Coast.

Image Credits: Wilson, Something For Catering and Hanalei

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