This New Sunny Coast Start-Up Delivers Coffee Beans To Your Door

By Claire Plush
23rd May 2016

Coffee. It’s pretty much a life essential. (Along with cheese, wine, and Frosty Fruits.)

For coffee-drinkers, a day without a brew is a pretty shit day, unbearable even. No exaggeration. Sure there’s plenty of espresso bars and coffee shops that we could go to get our fix—and what we’re about to share with you doesn’t make us love them any less—but sometimes, sometimes you just want to drink good coffee in your own home. A café-quality cup of joe that doesn’t involve jumping in a car, getting dressed, or engaging in small talk.

Before now, you might’ve even been willing to put yourself through those caffeine-withdrawal headaches, just so you didn’t have to leave the house. But times are a changin’, people, and we’re spilling the beans on something that’s gonna change your caffeinated life for the better. No two ways about it!

So, here’s the drill:

Sunshine Coast coffee aficionado Jeremy Hyra has created something a bit, okay, VERY, spesh. Launched mere days ago, The Bean Bag is a brand new subscription-based service that delivers—wait for it—freshly-roasted coffee beans STRAIGHT TO YOUR DOOR. Seriously!

All you pretty much have to do is jump online, select whether you want your coffee at the beginning or middle of the month, and nominate either “My Favourite Coffee” where you pick the exact beans you want or, go on a “Coffee Adventure” where you hint whether you’d like blends, single origins, or a mix, and then let The Bean Bag crew choose for you. They’re good at what they do, trust us!

If, on the less spontaneous hand, you’re super particular about coffee flavours and couldn’t imagine buying a bag of the good stuff without tasting a cup first, there’s also a one-off taster pack so you can sip, decipher, and make a well-thought-out decision about which way you want your subscription to swing. Coffee is serious business, after all.

Then, once you’ve locked it in, it’s time to bin the Nescafe, sit back, and twiddle your thumbs while you wait for the 250g packs to be delivered. Oh, and did we mention there’s no delivery cost? Unless maybe you live in some middle-of-nowhere desert town, and then there probs will be. Sorry.

If this whole shebang is not epic enough already—which FYI, we’re pretty sure it is—the beans that The Bean Bag is currently delivering to ANY doorstep in Australia are actually from some of our fave Sunshine Coast-based artisan roasters. Think: Kai Coffee, Tim Adams Speciality Coffee, and Little Cove Coffee Co. just to name a few. How cool is that?!

Yep, we’re pretty excited, ‘cause not only have we done the deed, and had two bags of beans delivered to our doorstep in a cute hessian bag that we’re defs holding on to, but we’re also freakin’ out about the next-level ideas coming out of the Coast right now. I mean, Cheese Therapy, now The Bean Bag, what’s next?

These guys are also running a Kickstarter campaign to help get this new biz off the ground and into your homes, so if you’re feelin’ generous and want to support The Bean Bag for just making your life a million times better, then hop on over to make a donation. By doing so you’ll gain access to specials, coffee experiences including coffee cupping sessions, and the possibility to create your own blend.

We’re still in awe. Local, freshly-roasted coffee beans to your door each month. So simple. So perfect. So totally needed for those don’t-wanna-leave-the-house moments. Why didn’t we think of it?

Image Credit: Claire Plush for Metropolist

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