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Nude Yoga Is Coming To The Sunshine Coast

By Claire Plush
19th May 2016

There’s no reading between the lines with this one—nude (yep, as in naked) yoga is literally coming to the Sunshine Coast.

While we’re still figuring out if we actually have the balls to take a class, let us fill you in on what’s happening.

Rosie Rees, a naked-yoga-guru, teaches workshops across Australia and she’s hitting our region in October.

Hosting a women-only class (October 28, 2016) and a couples’ workshop (October 29, 2016), taking part in either will mean you have to strip off. Everything!

Thankfully, fluros are a no-no and these intimate gatherings will be held in candlelight so you can relax a little on the cellulite buzz. And while they’re obvs about yoga, the classes will help those who are game to connect with themselves and their partners as well as face fears and insecurities—because, yoga. In the nude! Which all of a sudden makes it not sound so crazy/freaky/strange and more like an uplifting and liberating experience. Right?

The women’s nude yoga stretches over three hours and will be a combination of hatha yoga flow and pranayama, with a focus on learning to let go of the “ideal woman syndrome”. Which gets a virtual high-five from us!

For the couples’ classes, it’s all about the 1-on-1 connection with your partner. Read: non-sexual connection, peeps! You’ll practise a beginners-level partner yoga sequence and get intimate without getting intimate, if you know what I mean.

With only two classes available (one of each) on the Sunshine Coast, if you’re thinking “date night with a twist” or “self-love therapy done differently”, then you shouldn’t leave nabbing a ticket up to the booking fairy.

Still not sure? There’s raw treats and bubbles, which TF includes alcohol—because, NUDE YOGA!

To grab tickets to either workshop or find out more info, visit Rosie Rees’ website.

When: October 28 and 29, 2016
Where: Phoenix Yoga, 12 Norval Court, Maroochydore
Cost: Women’s Nude Yoga is $79 and Couples’ Nude Yoga is $140 per couple.

Image Credit: Rosie Rees

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