7 Awesome Outdoor Adventures To Tackle This Weekend

By Lianna Speers - 09 Feb 2017

Are you bored of your usual weekend shenanigans?

Maybe you’ve been stuck inside, gazing outside and wondering about all the activities the Sunshine Coast offers? Fear not. We’ve got your weekend adventures sorted!


You’ve done Kondalilla Falls, and Serenity Falls is old news to you too. But have you checked out Baxter Falls in the hinterland? Not only is there a suspension bridge over Baxter Creek—perfect for that “weekend adventure” Insta pic—but it’s not that tough. Totalling up to just over 6kms, start and end at Flaxton Mill Road in Flaxton, before hopping back in the car and bee-lining straight to Little May Espresso’s in Montville for a golden turmeric smoothie. Gosh, you’re healthy!
Where: Start the walk at the Sunshine Coast Great Walk entrance on Flaxton Mill Road


If you’re a regular Yandina-Coolum Road driver, you’ll already be very familiar with the looming prescence that is Mount Ninderry. But did you know, you can actually climb the thing? While it’s not as intense as Mount Cooroora or Mount Coolum—you essentiall follow a wide 4WD track—the views are just as impressive.
Where: Eucalyptus Crescent, Ninderry

Quit Horsing Around

Only joking! Grab a friend and say “HAY! We’re going horse riding at Equathon”. Now, don’t start imagining a crazy Brave Heart scene where you’re galloping towards a battle. CHARGE! It’s more of a scenic and serene atmosphere. Visualise a slow mo trot through water and getting splashed. You can choose between a one-hour beach ride, or saddle up and take on the bush AND beach ride for two hours. Us? We’d opt for the two-hour ride. Double the scenery and double the chance of riding majestically into the sunset.
Where: Noosa North Shore


If getting a tan and wearing your cutest kini is more your style; then get your balancing skills sorted and head down to the Maroochy River with the Ocean Addicts (the name speaks for itself) for a fun-filled day of stand-up paddle boarding. We’ve personally tried this, and let’s just say one hour is not enough! Instead, make sure you have a few hours free to get the hang of the art of not falling off. Then, show off your skills as a paddler or hop on for the ride (waves like a royal). May the sunbeams touch your sun-loving soul!
Where: Cotton Tree Esplanade, Maroochydore

Smell The Roses

Take time out and appreciate your surroundings at the Maleny Botanic Gardens and for a small fee, you can spend all day listening to the birds, the bees, and enjoy the serenity of the Hinterland. Next time we go, we’re taking a picnic and a bottle of bubbly because you will get so lost in the realm of relaxation that you will most likely get h-angry. It might not be a jam-packed day, full of adventure and adrenalin, but you will leave feeling refreshed and content.
Where: 233 Maleny Stanley River Road, Maleny

Sand Everywhere!

If getting sand in your pants is more your thing check out the sand tobogganing on Moreton Island. Hard-arses will have the chance to test their adrenaline levels and reach speeds of 80km/h. So the real question is, how dare-devilish are you? Book the two-day island discovery tour and you’ll get to hit the dunes and the water!
Where: Moreton Island

Mates, Memories & Mudflaps

Grab your mates, an esky, a pair of flip flops… and you’ll probably want to bring ya mates four-wheel-drive too, for your very own Fraser Island adventure. There are tours available for those who want to stay on track (see what we did there), but if you want to venture off on your own beach-drive experience, all you’ll need is a permit and a 4WD. Super simple!
Where: Fraser Island

Have we missed your favourite weekend adventure? Let us know. We’re always on the hunt for outdoorsy things to do on the Sunshine Coast!

Image Credit: Claire Plush for Metropolist

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