New In Noosa | Padstows

By Claire Plush
3rd Dec 2015

Sitting on a corner along the main strip of Noosa Junction for just under two weeks, Padstows is everything you’ve been looking for in a newcomer that’s ready to hang with the best restaurants in Noosa.

Why? Well, we could tell you about the super accommodating opening hours, which extend from breakfast through to lunch through to dinner through to drinks (yep, these guys have got you covered at all bases), or about the industrial-style interior fit out that is just as suited to big family catch-ups, as it is for a romantic date night.

Padstows new Noosa restaurantThere’s even the interesting side note that owners Emma and Grant Norman searched all over Noosa for three years before finding the ideal location for their restaurant slash bar dream. (Patience for this pair is obviously a strong point. Kudos to them!)

But like any new eating hub worth its tables in hungry bellies, all of that info is interesting, but it’s not really going to pull you in, is it!? Luckily, we play for the same flavour-lovin’ team as you, so let’s talk about what really matters—the food.

We originally tried Padstows when a jaunt that was leading us to Hastings Street for breakfast, ended with a last-minute loop ‘round the roundabout, as soon as we spotted this new corner-hugging restaurant. Our first introduction to Padstows’ fine fare was chorizo baked eggs, and let’s just say “best we’ve ever had” may have been thrown about by the second mouthful. Or was it the first? Whatevs, you get the picture.

Padstows new Noosa restaurantThis time around, we’re sampling the lunch and dinner menu, which is one and the same, but can be ordered from anytime after 11am.

We sit inside among a crowd of late brekkie grazers and early lunching peeps. A “Fresh Local Seasonal” sign hangs on the wall nearby, re-affirming Padstows’ position on serving up modern Australian cuisine made with regional produce.

Practising what they preach, you’ll find the likes of seafood caught off Fraser Coast, honey from Pomona, eggs from Coolum, and tomatoes from Noosa Reds, dotted throughout the menu.

Feasting on crunchy sliced and spiced onion fritters and a paddle of sliders stuffed with crispy Portuguese chicken, a steak patty with gruyere, and Portobello mushroom with halloumi, sets the bar high to begin. After, we’re presented with BBQ’d Mooloolaba prawns and black mussels in Padstows special sofrito sauce, and all of a sudden it becomes clear that Grant isn’t your run-of-the-mill chef.

Padstows Noosa RestaurantWith a career that’s seen him in the kitchen at Bistro C and Ricky’s—aka two of the best restaurants in Noosa—his fine dining expertise transforms dishes that are fresh, innovative and plated to perfection into casual, affordable masterpieces. What’s not to love!? Hot tip: keep your phone at the ready—taking pics for Instagram is pretty much mandatory when you see how well-presented the meals are.

Because Padstows is also a bar, we took one for the team and took a cocktail (or three) for a spin. The verdict? If you side with a Lychee Mojito, Toblerone or Bramble, you can’t go wrong.

Ideally situated for locals or tourists winding their way up and down, to and from Hastings Street, the national park or the beach, Padstows is THE Noosa newbie worth hitting. Stat! (Before the summer swarms zoom in and stake their temporary rights on this junction gem!)

Some things are worth the wait, and after tasting as much as we could in one visit (no, we kept the button done up this time), we’ve come to the unanimous decision, that Padstows, is one of them.

Where: 1 Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa

Contact: 07 5447 5413

Image Credit: Daniel Hine

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